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Summary of Other Articles and News - July 16, 2005

August 07, 2005 |  


Facts of the Persecution

1. Hengtai County Police Arrest Shengli Oil Plant Practitioners

Police from Hengtai County, Zibo City of Shandong Province, went to Shengli Oil Plant and arrested many practitioners, including Zhang Aiquan, Wang Mingyun, Yu Desheng, Yang Jianjun, Zheng Ruihuan, Liu Yulan and others. They also ransacked the practitioners' homes. Zhang Aiquan, Wang Mingyun and Yu Desheng were brutally persecuted by police from Hengtai County Police Department. Zhang Aiquan's daughter and Yu Desheng's wife went several times to visit them, but were refused.

A Chinese version of this news article is available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2005/7/16/106257.html

2. The Persecution of Practitioners at Suihua Labor Camp

Since Suihua Labor Camp was designated a base to persecute Dafa practitioners in 2000, it received a large amount of funding from higher government agencies. In 2002, it built a costly 4-story building for Division II--the division that exclusively persecutes Dafa practitioners. The new building appears as a luxurious hotel, but is, in fact, a place for torture and brutal persecution. Three stories are used to illegally detain Dafa practitioners. The first floor is the enforcing subdivision that exclusively detains practitioners that refuse to give up Dafa. The second and third floors are used to detain practitioners that yielded under the pressure, or those they think will possibly "transform", as well as collaborators. Before 2003, the majority of the practitioners detained there were from the Farming Bureau, Forestation Bureau, and coalmines. Since 2003, determined practitioners from Mudanjiang, Fuyu, Jixi and some other areas were also detained and persecuted there.

The following people in Suihua Labor Camp are notorious for their cruelty:

Political Director of Division II, Yang Bo
Deputy Political Director of Division II, Gao Zonghai
Deputy Director of Division II, Fan Xiaodong
Head of Division II subdivision 1, Zeng Lingjun
Head of Division II subdivision III, Chen Xinlong
Deputy Director of Division II subdivision II, Liu Wei