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Nine More Practitioners from Shanxi, Gansu and Henan Provinces Persecuted to Death

August 12, 2005 |  


Ms. Huang Guiqin, 42 years old, was a resident of Yangguan community in Xincheng District, Xi'an City, Shanxi Province. On January 19 of 2001, Xicheng District State Security Unit Captain Zhou Xiaoyu, along with a group of police officers, searched practitioner Ms. Zhu Aixian's home. At the time of the search, Ms. Huang and two other practitioners were visiting Ms. Zhu. The police illegally arrested all four practitioners. Ms. Huang was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. She was released after 13 months.

In March 2002, a group of police broke into Ms. Huang's home, arrested her and took her to a brainwashing center, where she was persecuted for four months. After her release, the police frequently broke into her home and searched it without producing a search warrant. Ms. Huang frequently received threatening phone calls. The community also assigned people to monitor Ms. Huang. Police often harassed her at home. Sometimes there would be a few people harassing her, sometimes there would be dozens and sometimes they would stay for hours surrounding her residence. Over time Ms. Huang was severely traumatized, both physically and mentally. She became bedridden and passed away around June 13, 2005.

Ms. Wang Mei, 29 years old, was from Chengjiayao Village, Zhaohe Work Unit of Biyu Town, Tongwei County, Gansu Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1999. After the persecution started, Ms. Wang's husband was deceived by the CCP's lies. He often beat her because she refused to renounce the practice. On the night of September 16, 2001, her husband Chen Sande beat Ms. Wang to death. After Wang died, Chen lied about the incident. So far he has not been charged for the murder.

Ms. Guo Qingming, 79 years old, was a practitioner from Tongwei County, Gansu Province. After July 20, 1999, the local police, along with Political and Judiciary Section staff Wang Qiang and Wang Kerang, repeatedly searched her home. Ms. Guo was fined and harassed, and had to endure the arrest of her son and grandson. Ms. Guo felt terrorized and her illness returned. She passed away in September of 2002.

Ms. Zhang Chunqin, 50 years old, was a practitioner from Jiefan District, Jiaozou City, Henan Province. Because she insisted on practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Zhang was arrested and taken to a detention center, where she had a heart attack. After paying 2,000 yuan in fines, she was bailed out on medical parole. After she recovered, she was forcibly sent to a brainwashing center. She died on April 28, 2002.

Ms. Li Yongzhi, over 60 years old, was a practitioner from Jijiazhuang Township, Wei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. After the suppression of Falun Gong in 1999, she was sent to the brainwashing center, threatened, harassed and illegally fined many times. Therefore, her home atmosphere became very unpleasant. She passed away in April of 2001.

Ms. Deng Zhengyuan, 43 years old, was an employee at the Xupu County Rice Factory in Hunan Province. In March 2000, she went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. Later, she was detained for 15 days and fined 4,500 yuan. In the first half of 2001, she was detained in a hotel for two days and two nights on orders of her workplace supervisors. On October 14, 2002, her home was again searched. Ms. Deng was kidnapped and detained at the Political Security Office for 24 hours. Because Ms. Deng insisted on practicing Falun Gong, she was followed and monitored continuously. In May 2005, Ms. Deng died of illness.

Ms. Liu Yuling, over 40 years old, was from Yishang Village, Gaoli Township, Dingxin County, Hebei Province. Because she steadfastly practiced Falun Gong, the village and township officials often harassed her. She was illegally detained, fined, and her home was ransacked. Her family members did not understand her. One time, she was detained for 89 days. After being released, she was told to report to the village office three times a day. The ongoing persecution caused her to have a mental breakdown. She died in 2002.

Ms. Tang Hongxia, over 50 years old, was a practitioner from Chen Village, Gaoli Town, Dingxin County, Hebei Province. Because she practiced Falun Gong, she was arrested many times. The perpetrators were Liu Weixin (Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee), Zhang Jidong (Director of Justice Department of Gaoli Township), officials from the Gaoli Township government, and officers from the local police station. Suffering this cruel persecution, Ms. Tang died in 2003.

Ms. Zhang Xiuling was 68 years old, and her entire family practices Falun Gong. They have been brutally persecuted over the past six years. The police from Cuimiao Town of Fuchen County publicly humiliated and denounced Ms. Zhang by parading her around the streets with a cardboard sign hanging around her neck. Ms. Zhang's oldest son died in the hands of the Fuchen Police Department. Ms. Zhang was arrested many times. Because of the constant harassment from government officials and police officers, Ms. Zhang died in July of 2005. A few days after her death, police from Wangji Town Police Station arrested her older daughter Liu Shuxiang. Her younger daughter Liu Jianxin has become homeless to avoid the persecution.