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Ms. Zhan Ye'an from Guizhou Province Was Paralyzed and Died from Torture in a Labor Camp

August 10, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhan Ye'an was an employee of the Guiyng City Medical Institute in Guizhou Province. For clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa, she was arrested and held in the Guizhou Province Women's Labor Camp. She became emaciated and paralyzed from torture over a long period of time. She was finally sent home because she was dying at the end of May 2005. She died on June 16, 2005.

Ms. Zhan Ye'an was 57 years old. Her employer stopped paying her salary after the CCP began its persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, and they stopped assigning her work. Her husband divorced her, but she was still firmly committed in her cultivation of Falun Dafa and always clarified the truth to police and government officials. In August of 2002, she went to Shanghai to visit her family and was arrested while clarifying the truth. Police had her sentenced to three years at forced labor in the Guizhou Women's Labor Camp.

According to eyewitnesses, one day near the beginning of Spring 2003, police allowed Ms. Zhan to walk outside to get some fresh air, but she had no energy to move. She appeared very weak and leaned against the wall with her eyes closed. Prison guard Li Jianying (female) asked if she had had a meal. She did not answer. Her personal cangues [1] said, "She had half a bag of Ramon noodles." Li Jianying cursed Ms. Zhan. Ms. Zhan shouted with all her energy, "Falun Dafa is good!" The drug-addict prisoners quickly ran to her to cover her mouth. They lifted her off her feet and quickly carried her inside.

Ms. Zhan Ye'an was tortured over a long period of time in the Guizhou Women's Labor Camp. She went on a long hunger strike to protest the persecution and was brutally force-fed. Towards the end, she could not take care of herself. She became paralyzed and emaciated.

The prison guards sent her to the Police Department Hospital on the third floor of the camp. She was dying, and the prison guards then sent her home at the end of May 2005. She shouted out with a weak voice upon returning to her home, "Falun Dafa is good!" Less than 20 days later on June 16, 2005, she passed away.

More than one hundred female Falun Dafa practitioners were detained in the Guizhou Women Labor Camp in 2003. Ms. Zhan is the third one tortured to death at this camp. The first one was thirty-year-old Ms. Han Ming, an employee of the Pingshui Mechanical Factory in Pingba County. She was beaten by prison guard Gu Xinying (female), tied up by eight guards, had four forced injections of unknown drugs, which caused her muscles to contract and resulted in paralysis of her legs. She died on March 20, 2003. The second one was forty-four-year-old Ms. Zou Qianzhu from Tongren City, Guizhou Province. She was tortured to death on October 22, 2004, and her body was secretly cremated.

[1] There were "open cangues" and "secret cangues" [Note: cangue, the name of an instrument of torture, is now used to indicate a person designated to supervise the behavior of practitioners.]