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On the Issue of Spies in Our Midst

July 05, 2005 |   By Mingxin, a Dafa Practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Many truth-clarification material production centers in China have been destroyed by the authorities recently, and some practitioners have been arrested. This has caused serious losses to Dafa. Many fellow practitioners have suggested there may be spies among practitioners that have led to these losses.

In recent years, spies among the practitioners have brought a lot of damage to Dafa. In certain areas, the resultant suspicion between fellow practitioners has caused a lot of distrust and misunderstandings among practitioners. This has also brought a negative impact to Dafa in our society.

Trust among fellow practitioners does not rely on ordinary people's friendship. Rather, it should rely on righteous faith in Dafa and righteous thoughts from cultivation.

The old forces created the profession of spying in order to test Dafa practitioners, cause confusion, and interrupt practitioners' efforts to clarify the truth and save people.

There are different types of spies.

The first type is a non-practitioner who has been deceived by the slander about Dafa and poisoned by the CCP culture. These people were controlled by evil and unconsciously play a role as spies. They monitor, follow or report on Dafa practitioners. They are mostly residents in our neighborhoods, our co-workers, or others around us. However, these are also people waiting to be saved. As long as practitioners keep righteous thoughts at all times and behave rationally in the eyes of the public, these spies cannot really affect us.

The second type is the former practitioner who has since taken an evil path. These spies are utilized to collect information about practitioners and truth-clarification material production centers. They take advantage of their personal relationships with practitioners and earn our trust. They collect information about practitioners and material production centers. We should not push these former fellow practitioners away. Rather, we should do our best to help them come back to cultivate and to help them preserve the precious opportunity to cultivate.

The third type is the professional spy. These people receive special training and have certain skills. They may easily trick the public and some practitioners with strong ordinary notions. However, from the standpoint of the Fa, these spies are the easiest to identify. This is because no matter how skillful they are, they are not cultivators and they don't understand true cultivators. The cultivation field among Dafa practitioners should be a pure and benevolent energy field that these spies cannot enter. The reason there are still spies interrupting our efforts is that we still have some ordinary notions. The evil then takes advantage of our omissions. To avoid damage from this type of spy, we practitioners have to improve together, as one body. We need to pay attention to (or further cultivate) our speech, only sharing experiences on our cultivation and how to save people, not on who is doing what. This way the spies cannot collect such information from us.

"Let me talk a little about the issue of spies. Do you know how Master actually looks at these issues from a different perspective? Of course, those things that the old forces concocted are tests that target Dafa disciples, but in fact I'd say they are an insult to the Fa, they bring shame to mankind, they disrespect the Fa, they are disruptions to the Fa-rectification, and they shouldn't have happened." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference")

The profession of spies was concocted by old forces in order to test Dafa practitioners and disrupt the Fa-rectification. It is completely negative, and it will not be allowed to exist in the future. As Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, we have to completely deny any arrangements by the old forces, deny the persecution, and completely eliminate these things that the old forces concocted to interrupt the Fa-rectification. What we are eliminating are the evil factors in other dimensions, and we do so to save people in this world.

June 20, 2005