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Mr. Xu Jishan's Family Files Charges Against Daqing City Prison for Attempted Cover-up of the Cause of His Death

July 31, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) After Daqing practitioner Mr. Xu Jishan was tortured to death, the Daqing City Prison tried to cover up the truth of his murder. At first, prison officers said that Xu Jishan died of a heart attack. In order to support this lie, they implied that Mr. Xu had asked for help while taking a bath. To shut him up, his monitors then inserted a water hose into his mouth, but this resulted in his death. When his family members pointed out their suspicions, Li Fengjiang, the chief of Division Seven, changed the cause of death by blaming two criminal detainees who, he claimed, had seen that Mr. Xu had scabies and had tried to treat it, but Mr. Xu wouldn't let them, so they accidentally beat him to death. Li also said that five prison officials were willing to settle the matter privately by giving Xu Jishan's family members 150,000 yuan. Mr. Xu's family refused the settlement and filed charges against the prison through the Daqing Procuratorate.

The Procuratorate has begun to investigate this case. On June 14, an autopsy was performed at Longnan Hospital and samples have been sent to Harbin, the capital city, for examination. They are waiting for the results. Coagulated blood was found under Mr. Xu's skin, there was swelling on his head, water in his lungs, and the remains of rice in his windpipe.

Daqing City Prison, afraid that more of the truth will be revealed, vainly urged Mr. Xu's family to cremate his body. Then they tried everything to set up barriers, such as refusing to allow Mr. Xu's family to order a CT scan before the autopsy. When they went to the hospital for a memorial ceremony, Li Fengjiang made three phone calls to stop them, so they had to return home.