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New Persecution Orders Affect Wuhan University Practitioners

July 03, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On June 1, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Wu Zhenxin, a lecturer from the Business School of Wuhan University, and Mr. Huang Keming, associate professor from the School of Business and Statistics, were abducted by personnel from the university and sent to the Hubei Province Tangxunhu Brainwashing Center for persecution.

In December 2004, Chen Zhili, Minister of Education for the Chinese Communist Party, went to Wuhan University and personally ordered all universities across the nation to send those who had not given up Falun Gong practice to brainwashing centers and force them to reform. Her followers at Wuhan University colluded with the Hubei Province 610 Office and budgeted 100,000 yuan to send five faculty members to Tangxunhu for persecution. Practitioners Mr. Wu Zhenxin and Mr. Huang Keming heard about this and went into hiding to avoid being arrested. They left in such a hurry that they didn't even have the chance to tell their families. Later on, practitioners overseas made many phone calls to Wuhan University to clarify the truth to them. Practitioners in Wuhan City also sent forth righteous thoughts specifically to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions over this incident. These activities have effectively frightened the evildoers and suppressed their arrogance. However, the university personnel did not give up their plan of sending practitioners to the brainwashing center.

Mr. Huang Keming was illegally arrested on the morning of June 1, 2005, but nobody informed his family. It wasn't until 9:00 p.m. that his family members got the information and went to inquire about him. They were told that he had already been sent to the "Legal and Law Education Center" for brainwashing.

This was Mr. Wu Zhenxin's fourth illegal arrest. In the past he was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor and suffered ruthless torture in Hewan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan, where a policeman urged an inmate to slash his back with a steel bar wrapped with steel wires. This occurred in the summer, and he was only wearing a thin layer of clothing. Mr. Wu said it felt like he had been "split in half" when he was slashed. In December 2004, as mentioned earlier, to avoid arrest, Mr. Wu left home and became homeless for nearly five months. The officials from the Business School at Wuhan University kept putting pressure on his mother to persuade him to come back. They promised that they would allow Mr. Wu to teach classes and would absolutely not give him a hard time.

Mr. Wu Zhenxin returned home on May 8, 2005. On May 31 he received a phone call from the school authorities telling him to come pick up his work assignment on June 1. He went to the school but never returned. Around 2:00 p.m. Mr. Wu's mother received a phone call from the school authorities telling her, "Your son has been sent to the provincial Legal and Law Education Center. The school will have to pay 20,000 yuan every month to the Tangxunhu Brainwashing Center and will have to send two people to accompany him, and they'll suffer, too. Urge your son to give up his practice. As soon as he does that, he can resume his post; otherwise we can do nothing about it. His June 1 arrest is one of many occurring across the nation based on orders from above. It was a secret, group action at 10:30 a.m. Don't come to us; we cannot do anything about it."

This is a completely a new round of conspired persecution from the top down.

Relevant phone numbers:

Gu Hailiang, Party Secretary of Wuhan University: 86-27-68759431; 86-27-6876260 (Office), 86-13871155871 (Cell)
Hou Jiechang, President,: 86-27-68762802, 86-13507192438(Cell)
Zhong Lihou, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-27-68766501, 86-13507170050 (Cell)
Hao Xiang, Deputy Party Secretary: 86-27-68766510, 86-13807180165 (Cell)
Yu Zhanming, Secretary for the Disciplinary Committee: 86-27-68766504, 86-13607112768 (Cell)

Vice Presidents:

Wu Junpei: 86-27-68766505, 86-13607187089 (Cell)
Chang Zhaofang: 86-27-68766506, 86-3807191758 (Cell)
Li Wenxin: 86-27-68766509, 86-13507191586 (Cell)
Hu Dekun: 86-27-68766507, 86-13607141882 (Cell)
Liu Jingnan: 86-27-68766502, 86-13907152672 (Cell)
Li Qingquan: 86-27-68766512, 86-13808694566 (Cell)
Long Ziaoyue: 86-27-68766508, 86-13971326555 (Cell)
Huang Congxin: 86-27-68766511, 86-13907131546 (Cell)
Huang Jin: 86-27-68768810, 86-13807157322 (Cell)
Ren Zhenliang: 86-27-68762388, 86-13908647022 (Cell)
Dong Guanghui, Deputy Director, National Security Office: 86-27-68753723 (Office), 86-27-7382396 (home), 86-13971215806 (Cell)
Political and Security Section of Security Department Branch One: 86-27-68756144
Political and Security Section of Security Department Branch Two: 86-27-68752059
Political and Security Section of Security Department Branch Three: 86-27-68755922-2409
Huang Zhaolin, Head of the Hubei Province 610 Office