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Two Elderly Practitioners Charged with "Counter-Revolutionary Crimes" Are Suffering Brutal Torture

July 29, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wen Xiuzhi and Li Shuxian, two elderly Falun Dafa practitioners in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, were illegally arrested on June 22, 2005, for clarifying the truth. Li Qiang, secretary of the Wafangdian Brigade Brick House, reported these practitioners to the police. Both practitioners were once again arrested and taken to the Lingyuan First Prison. They have been charged with "counter-revolutionary" crimes by the local authorities. Ms. Wen and Li recently went on a hunger strike and were brutally force-fed. Both of them are held in the Lingyuan City First Prison. Relatives are not being allowed to visit Wen or Li.

Mrs. Wen Xiuzhi, 68, is from Sanjiachun Village, Wafangdian Brigade, Lingyuan City. Before starting cultivation, she suffered liver, lung, and heart diseases, and sciatica. She consulted many doctors to no avail, and she became paralyzed for more than six months. Once she started practicing Falun Dafa, all of her diseases disappeared.

When the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Ms. Wen upheld her belief in Falun Dafa. She clarified the facts by telling people about the bloody persecution and her miraculous recovery from so many chronic illnesses. Ms. Wen has been illegally detained eight times and has had nearly 5000 yuan exhorted from her.

During Ms. Wen's imprisonment, the police ruthlessly beat her to the brink of death. Once she was illegally detained for more than 14 days by the Linghe Public Security Bureau. For more than 10 days she was handcuffed in a small, poorly ventilated cell. She was tortured until she vomited blood. She was denied all contact with others while imprisoned in a large room and was severely tortured. The police exhorted 2500 yuan from Ms. Wen's relatives.

Relevant Contact Information:

Zip code: 122500

Liaoning Province Lingyuan City Wafangdian Police Station: 86-421-6420055
Zhao Guohai, Station Chief: 86-421-6420004 (Office), 86-4216865718 (Home), 86-13504216302 (Cell)
Liu Shaoquan, Director: 86-421-6891513 (Home), 86-13500419533 (Cell)
Chen Guojun, Police officer: 86-421-6900185 (Home), 86-13842143316 (Cell)

Lingyuan City Public Security Bureau

Guo Shaolin, Bureau Chief: 86-421-6883101 (Office), 86-13904912586 (Cell)
Yang Minghui, Deputy Bureau Chief: 86-421-688310 (Office), 86-421-6824813 (Home), 86-13904213390 (Cell)
Dong Zhimin, Deputy Bureau Chief: 86-421-6883106 (Office), 86-421-6816719 (Home), 86-13904916066 (Cell)
Fu Yanling, National Security Team Leader: 86-13500416011 (Cell)
Chen Zhi, National Security Team Deputy Leader: 86-13842156895 (Cell)

Lingyuan City First Prison:

Yu Hailong, Prison Chief: 86-421-6883215 (Office), 86-421-6824383 (Home), 86-13904916383 (Cell)
Zhang Xianlin, Director: 86-421-6883216 (Office), 86-421-6882183 (Home), 86-13942106968 (Cell)

Lingyuan City Second Prison:
Sun Liansheng, Prison Chief: 86-421-6883185 (Office), 86-421-6823998 (Home), 8613942116989 (Cell)
Li Zhixue, Director: 86-421-6925583 (Home), 86-13842162635(Cell)