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Severe Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Jilin Women's Prison

July 27, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Jilin Female Prison has illegally detained more than 120 Dafa practitioners. Careful arrangements of the Deputy Prison Head Wu Zeyun and Prison Affairs Section Head Li Jian control the prison's education wards and other wards to execute the comprehensive persecution of Dafa practitioners.

I. The prison's education ward executes the most severe persecution of Dafa practitioners among all wards in the prison

Currently, more than 120 Dafa practitioners are detained at Jilin Women's Prison. They are almost completely separated from the outside world by tightly shut doors and windows. Except for the occasional shower, no one is allowed to go downstairs. Slave labor is being exacted next door and going downstairs is forbidden even during meal times. Food is delivered to the cell door. One person delivers food for six and all eat in the cell. Besides extended periods of slave labor, practitioners are forced to go through continuous brainwashing over long periods of time. Also, they are not allowed to speak with each other.

Several days before July 20, 2003, more than 40 Dafa practitioners started a hunger strike to protest the education ward's forced brainwashing. They refused to wear nametags and requested their return to other prison wards. On the fourth day, Wu Zeyun agreed to their request of not wearing nametags and the practitioners were allowed to go back to other wards. This demonstrated the mighty power of Dafa practitioners' one-body efforts. At that time, the prison urgently transferred more than 120 people from other wards to the education ward. The person responsible for the education ward at that time was Head Cao and Wu Chunlin. Now Deputy Head Wei Lihui, officer Hao, and officer Han Hong are among the police in charge. Dafa practitioner He Hua had been illegally tied to a bed and persecuted for more than three months.

Here, Dafa practitioners are forced to watch videos made by CCTV that slander Dafa and Master Li along with defamatory lectures and booklets made by the persecutors.

II. Comprehensive persecution

Dafa practitioners Liu Guixia and Ban Huijuan were beaten by more than 20 people when they were sent to the education ward. The prison guards had ordered the beating. The practitioners were also not allowed to sleep. Due to the effects of severe persecution, Ban Huijuan is still unable to speak clearly. The prison guards intimidate Dafa practitioners and terrorize them by mentioning how hard the prison life is and the consequences of refusing to "transform." They also try to entice them with "awards" to get them to "transform."

Dafa practitioners who may have a big impact on other practitioners are the most severely persecuted. Wu Zeyun, Li Jian and others personally carry out the persecution. Wu Zeyun personally had a long chat with He Changrong, who had been sentenced to 13 years in prison . Even after several attempts, He Changrong refused to "transform." Wu Zeyun then detained He Changrong and sent him to a special ward for further persecution. They put Dafa practitioners among education assistants and collaborators who deprive the practitioners of their rest and sleep. They continuously attack Dafa practitioners for several days, from morning to night, and force the practitioners to write the "four statements" (similar to the three statements) while their minds are unclear due to the sleep deprivation and mental torment. For example, Wang Liping was tied up and detained in a special ward for more than one month for the incident on February 12, 2004 in which practitioners held up a sign to protest the persecution. She gave in to the torture after more than two months' continuous brainwashing efforts.

On February 12, 2004, more than ten Dafa practitioners were detained in the 9th ward and cruelly persecuted for displaying the sign "Stop the 8th Ward's Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners." Li Zhengfang, Lu Yan, Wang Fengyun and Zhuang Yanzhi had been forced to write the "four statements" under torture of being tied up, beaten and cursed. This was a large-scale persecution under the arrangement of Wei Lihui, as well as the monitor of Wu Zeyung and Li Jian. After that, Wu and Li hypocritically came to console and pretended to be friendly. Dafa practitioner Yang Guiqin from Dongliao, Liaoyuan City was persecuted to death in the 4th ward. Wei Lihui is the deputy head of the ward. Li Haiyan instigated the person who had been assigned to monitor Yang Guiqin to force her to stand in the dirty restroom, even though Ms. Yang had worked hard for the whole day. Ms. Yang was arbitrarily beaten and cursed with the excuse that she was not standing straight. Her face was beaten to the point of being swollen and deformed. Due to the extended slave labor in addition to being forced to stand and endure beatings every day for six to seven hours, Yang Guiqin died.

Head Guo of the 8th ward along with Zhang Yan and police officers Han and Hu schemed to beat Dafa practitioners. They beat practitioners' heads to the point where their faces were swollen and deformed and their eyes could not open. Their heads were wrapped in towels and they were supported by two people to walk to work. The persecution was discovered by Dafa practitioners in the 9th ward, and this is what led to the grand event of 10 practitioners' displaying "Stop 8th ward's Persecution of Falun Gong" on February 12, 2004. However, the prison not only did not penalize the criminals, but executed the most severe repression of the 10 practitioners who participated in the righteous action. Liu Guixia was tied up and carried to a special ward of the prison where both her hands were cuffed and she was hung up from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Both her hands had frostbite after more than one month of this torture. After this she was tied onto a bed for two weeks and not allowed to go to the rest room. Even worse, they opened the window to let the cold wind come in and freeze her. Wang Liping was detained in a special ward for one month, while she was being force-fed after going on a hunger strike. She was slapped in the face, beaten and humiliated. Song Weixiang was hung for 168 hours by her hands and feet. Cheng Jie was tied up on the bed and a washboard was put under his body to make him suffer more. Liu Yue was tied to a board and allowed to freeze.

Sun Weixiang refused to write the "four statements" after the February 12, 2004 event. The prison staff found Ms. Sun's home and brought her son and daughter to the prison. Both held her and cried and shouted loudly to get her to sign the statements.

In the elderly and disabled ward, Song Huidan's hands and feet were tied to the four corners of a bed. The police then took away the bed board and so that her wrists and ankles bore her body weight and they put a heavy quilt on her legs to add more weight. It was very painful and her body joints felt like they were about to split.

The original 4th ward guard Ju Yanjie often beat an elderly Dafa practitioner. This practitioner was beaten so often that she cried loudly and moaned continuously.

The incidents mentioned above are only a small part of the brutal acts at Jilin Women's Prison against Dafa practitioners. These criminal activities usually happen late at night and in the secluded areas, such as the restrooms. While the slave laborers who worked hard for the whole day have fallen asleep and are not allowed to go out of the room, the criminals assigned to monitor Dafa practitioners quietly take Dafa practitioners out and execute physical torture. From time to time, there are beatings and cursing, crying, and moaning sounds heard throughout the two buildings. However, the prison supervisors pretend not to hear it and encourage the criminals to continue the tortures.

III. The prison police tightly block information to prevent being exposed

Use of violence and terror to sustain persecution is the usual method used by the prison officials. Assigning monitors is the most common method of blocking the spread of news. In the women's prison, one Dafa practitioner has four people assigned to monitor her and all of her actions 24 hours a day.

Visits are strictly controlled. The police are afraid of information flow between Dafa practitioners and their family members. One person's visit is accompanied by three policemen. All conversations are monitored and recorded, even the facial expressions of both the parties are observed by the police standing alongside. Thick comforters sent to the prison are opened and examined before taken into the prison.

Spontaneous searches at any time are also a common method used to keep up the terror. The police often executed sudden searches, led by the Prison Affairs Section Head Li Jian. They tear things up and even tear open comforters to find the "forbidden" items like Falun Gong articles. Personal property rights and human rights are completely violated by the very people responsible for upholding the law.

Currently, a new round of persecution is being conducted in the prison. Relevant personnel, please distribute the persecution materials to International Human Rights Organizations, Fawang Huihui (list of persecution criminals and their crimes), and World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong.

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