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Misguided Parents Help Brainwashing Center Persecute Their Daughter Mi Xiaozheng

July 25, 2005 |  


Ms. Mi Xiaozheng was arrested in April 2005. She was illegally detained in the second detention center in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province for about one month, and then transferred to the provincial brainwashing center for more persecution.

When Mi Xiaozheng started a hunger strike against her imprisonment, the guards in the brainwashing center force-fed her several times without a physician's supervision, ignoring the risk of severe injury.

Mi Xiaozheng' parents, misguided by the Communist Party's propaganda, did not stand up for their own daughter; instead, they blamed everything on their daughter's refusal to be "transformed." Her mother begged the so-called "teaching assistants" to transform her daughter by all means. She even prepared some home-cooked food and brought it to the brainwashing center to please those "teaching assistants," ignoring the fact that her daughter's life was in danger from the hunger strike. Mi Xiaozheng's father also beat his daughter brutally. The parents are not rich at all but they offered that as long as their daughter refuses to be transformed, they will keep sending money to the brainwashing center.

With the support of her parents, the brainwashing center persecuted Mi Xiaozheng even more severely. The "teaching assistants" once pretended to let Mi Xiaozheng do the exercises. As soon as Mi Xiaozheng crossed her legs in the lotus position, the teaching assistants pressed down hard on her legs with two stools and did not allow her to put her legs down for a long period of time. (Dafa practitioner Liu Lijiang was once tortured by this method). The male "teaching assistants" took advantage of Mi being confined in such a position to fondle her body.

The brainwashing center has used all sorts of tricks and methods to try to transform Mi Xiaozheng, but she has maintained her steadfast belief in Master and Dafa. Nothing could ever shake her will.

Even now, after their daughter has suffered two months of abuse, Mi Xiaozheng's parents still send money to the brainwashing center to help persecute their own daughter.

To the parents of Mi Xiaozheng: How miserable it is to help these torturers persecute your own daughter! Your daughter did not do anything wrong. She is being persecuted for being benevolent. She cannot go to school or come back home. You, her parents, are yourselves brainwashed so deeply that you help those evil people to persecute your own daughter.

It is reported that eight Dafa practitioners are currently illegally imprisoned in the Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center in Shijiazhuang City. Their names are: Ms. Mi Xiaozheng, Ms. Chen Zenghui, Ms. Hao Qiuyan, Mr. Shen Manliang, Mr. Liu Lijiang, Ms. Du Xiuzhen, Ms. Yao Baoli and Ms. Liang Chunhua.

Hao Qiuyan looks soft and meek but upholds her belief in Dafa very steadfastly. Chen Zenghui is also very strong and wise. The guards in the brainwashing center are quite frustrated by their failed attempts to brainwash these practitioners.

The "teaching assistants" in the brainwashing center in charge of persecuting the practitioners are: Liang Ziling, Shan, Wang Xincai and Yuan Shuqian. Yuan Shuqian suffered arm injuries caused by karmic retribution, but still persists in his criminal actions.

Telephone number of Mi Xiaozheng's parents: 86-311-85657571
Grandmother of Mi Xiaozheng: 86-311-85876115
Hebei Provincial Law and Education Center (address: Beicheng Road, Shijiazhuang City)
Off-hour office telephone: 86-31187762641
Office telephone: 86-311-87792624-8012 (ext. 8016), 86-311-87712624-8015
Directors of the Center: Yuan Shuqian, Guo Suoshan, Li Aiguao, Director Han and Director Liang