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Xiamen Municipal Court Frames Ye Mi, A Young Instructor at the Art College of Xiamen University

July 02, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ye Mi, a young instructor at the Art College of Xiamen University, mailed a letter to her friends telling them of her genuine cultivation experience with Falun Gong and exposing the lies of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) slanderous media campaign. In retaliation, the Xiamen Municipal Court brought a charge against Ms. Ye. The court hearing was originally scheduled for June 3, but the date was changed at the last moment and the hearing was held on the morning of June 9. The so-called "trial," under the direction of the CCP, was transferred into a show that completely blurred right from wrong, black from white, and was an illegal attempt to impose an indictment on the defendant.

Ye Mi is a young instructor at the Art College of Xiamen University. She is sincere, kind, understanding and always ready to help others. Her colleagues, friends and students all think very highly of her. Everybody says that she is an exceptionally good person. Ye Mi works hard and conscientiously. During the school evaluations, her students always give her a very high rating. Her students commented that Ye Mi not only taught them art, but she was also an inspiration; she taught them how to be moral and noble people.

The letter that Ye Mi mailed to her friends was intercepted by the authorities. They used this letter as "evidence" to indict her. They changed the court date from June 3 to June 9 at the last moment. Officials threatened that this time, they would give Ms. Ye a severe sentence.

The public prosecutor read out the indictment, claiming that Ye Mi used a [slanderous word omitted] to interfere with the execution of law, calling it a very serious situation. He recommended that Ms. Ye should be sentenced from 3 to 7 years in prison.

The public prosecutor held up some Dafa books that had been confiscated from Ye Mi's residence and asked her if they belonged to her. Ms. Ye replied, "Yes, they are mine.". The public prosecutor then asked her what they were used for. Ye Mi replied that she read those books for her personal study. The public prosecutor held up 30 computer discs that they had confiscated from Ms. Ye's residence and asked if they were hers. Ye Mi said yes, but they were blank - there was nothing on them. The public prosecutor pointed at the computer confiscated from Ms. Ye's residence and asked if it was hers. Ye Mi again replied in the affirmative. The public prosecutor asked what she used it for. Ye Mi said that she mainly used it for teaching. It was clear that none of the confiscated items could be used as "evidence."

The so-called "serious situation" referred to 62 letters that were intercepted by the authorities. Only one of them was written by Ms. Ye to her friends, wherein she described her personal experience and what she had learned through Falun Dafa. She learned that Dafa could improve one's health and raise one's moral standard. She also told her friends and her fellow practitioners that she simply wanted to follow "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to be a good person, and she did not intend to oppose anyone. Simply for this, Ye Mi is encountering brutal persecution.

Ye Mi stated in court that she wrote that letter herself. At the same time, she explained that as a Chinese citizen, she has the freedom to write letters. This right is protected by the Chinese Constitution. Intercepting citizens' personal letters and using them as evidence to impose long prison sentences is unconstitutional. She said it was an evil deed that violated human rights.

The public prosecutor accused Ms. Ye of using this letter as Falun Gong "propaganda material." The defense attorney counter-argued that the letter was simply a personal letter, not publicity material at all. In addition, the letter did not even reach the intended addressee and hence it did not play any "propaganda" role.

The public prosecutor's continued accusation of Ms. Ye centered around "61 letters that had Dafa materials and some 100 copies of other Dafa materials." Ye Mi had never seen those materials, and therefore, certainly she would not acknowledge that they were hers. The public prosecutor said that the handwriting on the envelopes was believed to be hers, hence the indictment was valid and could be used as evidence even if Ye Mi did not acknowledge them.

The defense attorney requested that the 61 letters be presented in court, but the public prosecutor rejected the request.

The defense attorney once more asked that the public prosecutor at least present some convincing evidence proving that Ms. Ye wrote the 61 letters and proving that these 61 envelopes were stuffed with more than 100 items of publicity materials. Once again, the court rejected this request.

Ye Mi then said, "If you cannot present the original 61 letters, then please present pictures or photocopies of these letters for me to see." This request was also rejected.

Ye Mi gave a statement, saying that, on the evening of December 27, 2004, during wide-scale arrests of Dafa practitioners sponsored by the Xiamen City 610 Office and the Municipal Police Department, she was illegally sentenced to over half a year of forced labor. During the illegal imprisonment, she was unable to take care of and educate her son. Her husband worked overseas. During that time, he had to leave his job and come back to Xiamen to take care of their son. Ye Mi missed her parents, her husband and her son, as well as her students and friends. After she was released from the labor camp, the 610 Office personnel always followed her. Ye Mi requested that the illegal and inhuman persecution be stopped immediately.

During the trial, Ms. Ye remained calm and positive. She frequently smiled at her friends and colleagues who were in the audience. When she made her statement, she was extremely gentle. Everyone in the audience was deeply sympathetic towards Ms. Ye and had the highest respect for her. She used the gentlest words to indicate her firm and clear-cut standpoint. Ye Mi is an exceptionally good and kind-hearted person. Since she practiced Falun Gong and wrote a letter describing her experience to her friends, she was sentenced to prison. This is both vicious and ludicrous!

Ye Mi and her attorney repeatedly requested that the 61 letters be presented in court, but the requests were repeatedly rejected. Then the "judge" announced a court recess. However, after waiting for over an hour, the audience was told that the trial was over.

What a farce! The vicious plot behind this show trial, however, was obvious. The authorities resorted to all means in their attempt to imprison someone who believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Ms. Ye is a person who fulfills her duty responsibly, and is deeply loved by her students; she is a virtuous wife, an affectionate mother, a kind, beautiful and talented artist! All kind-hearted people, please offer your support to help stop this persecution!