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Some Understanding from Studying Zhuan Falun

July 18, 2005 |   By a practitioner in China


Master says in Zhuan Falun,

"The person measures Buddha's 'xinxing' with an ordinary person's criteria. How can that comparison be made? How can it work if a person views high-level things with the standard of everyday people?"

This is the fundamental reason why some practitioners have enlightened along an evil path.

How could a practitioner go astray? How could such a person feel that his or her evil enlightenment is correct? It is because he or she has understood Dafa with human notions and a human standard. Moreover, the stronger the person's human notions, the more certain the person is that his or her own understandings are the right ones and the higher the person thinks her or her cultivation level has become. Actually, cultivation is to get rid of one's human attachments. When one's human notions are weak or have little impact, they are able to see that Dafa is boundless, they will be clearheaded, and they will be able to shake off the evil enlightenment.

Some practitioners have indeed studied the Fa for a long time and have read Zhuan Falun numerous times, so why did they enlighten along an evil path when they were in a wicked environment? Of course, a wicked environment is one thing, but fundamentally, the key lies in our attitude toward Fa study. These people have not fundamentally come out of human notions and human standards when they study the Fa, and whenever they think to do something, they do it with human notions. Therefore, they are unable to have righteous thoughts and actions and are unable to understand the Fa from the Fa.

Master has left us some human notions in order to enable us to validate Dafa in this human world, but if we always view things with human notions, we will be unable to do the three things well and will be unable to help save very many sentient beings. We might even have conflicts and arguments with fellow practitioners while doing Dafa work.

The wisdom cultivated from Dafa has nothing in common with the devious aspects of human nature among everyday people.