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Five Years of Persecution for My Belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Part 2 (Photos)

July 16, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) (Continued)

Part 1: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/7/15/62904.html

5. Illegal confinement - monitored living at the Xia County Custody Center

On November 8, 1999, perpetrators from the Xia County Police Department in Henan Province transferred me from the Xia County Detention Center to the Xia County Custody Center and placed me under "monitored living." The Xia County Custody Center is built atop a large hollow that used to be a brick kiln, in the middle of a cemetery. I was held there for more than six months.

Hou, head of the National Security Section in the Xia County Police Department, was responsible for the escort together with Gao Jianye and Qin Guochi, heads of the custody center, along with police officer Cai from the custody center.

Hou ordered me to curse Teacher and Dafa, but I firmly refused. In retaliation, they held me there long-term. Complete solitary confinement is one of the worst forms of punishment. In the dead silent nights I could hear leaves falling on the ground, the owls' eerie screeching, and the iron gate banging back and forth in the wind. Those and other sounds made the surroundings extremely frightening.

I was charged 11 yuan a day for being detained here. Gao Jianye, head of the custody center, demanded a 5,000 yuan from my family before the Chinese New Year 2000 as a bribe to help release me. My family knew from before that he was not trustworthy, and they ignored him.

6. The second illegal criminal detention at the Xia County Custody Center

According to law, "monitored living" should not exceed six months. My detention started on November 8, 1999, so I should have been released on May 8, 2000. However, the Xia County Police Department made excuses and refused to release me. Fang Liuchang, deputy head of the Xia County Police Department and Hou, head of the Politics and Security Section, were in charge of my case. My parents and wife tried several times to meet me and take me home, but without success.

I started a hunger strike with another practitioner Li Hui to protest the illegal detention. Li Hui was held at the detention center for four months and five days for going to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, and was transferred to the custody center on May 8, 2000.

The Xia County Police Department officials not only refused to release me, they dispatched three military police officers on May 29. Guards Zhang Xiufeng and Hou joined the police officers and cuffed my hands behind my back, and then they again sent me to the Xia County Detention Center. Deputy head Han Xingwei was on duty, and together they incarcerated me again under criminal detention.

Zhang Qinghua, head of the detention center, ordered the inmates to lock me onto a Death Bed. Some inmates were frightened, seeing me being fixed in the bed because it was a torture that sometimes resulted in death.

Then, the order was given to force-feed me. Instructed by head of the detention center Zhang Qinghua, deputy head Han Xingwei called in inmates Yang Xinxia and Han Xinming from cell No. 12. Yang is a rapist and murderer who had been detained for 13 years. Han was a gang boss. Fan, head of the Supervision and Administration Division of the City Procuratorate, was present to supervise the force-feeding. Led by Zhang Qinghua and Han Xingwei, the inmates pried my teeth apart with a screwdriver and inserted a 3 mm tube into my nose to force-feed me. My nose and throat bled profusely, and I felt excruciating pain.

Later, the perpetrators force-fed me again several times. They used a rubber tube the size of my little finger. During the more than two years of deprivation of freedom at the Xia County Detention Center, I've never seen real criminal inmates tortured with the "Death Bed." With this torture I felt nauseous and lightheaded after a few hours. I could not turn over or sleep.

During my second term of "criminal detention," I went on hunger strike for almost 20 days and was force-fed on the Death Bed five times.

Because I did the Falun Gong exercises, I was shackled four times, sometimes handcuffed while being shackled. Over time, the shackles cut into my Achilles' tendon, which caused so much pain that I could not move my feet. One inmate was so frightened after he was shackled that he immediately started vomiting violently. During my second criminal detention, I was forced to wear a nine-kilogram shackle for, cumulatively, over 30 days. (Some practitioners had their shackles removed when they started a hunger strike. The usual shackle-period at that place is 15 days.)

The torture "Carrying a Sword in the Back" will cause great pain after 20 minutes, but the practitioners are usually subjected to it for four hours or more

Tightening the rope

Another torture is called "tightening the police rope," also called "tightening the rope." They tie the practitioners with nylon ropes the diameter of a soybean, while they pull the practitioners' hair and choke them with their hands; they also kick and stomp on the practitioners. Some practitioners were immediately unable to stand up and then could not walk for several months. The rope cut into their flesh and caused bleeding. When they tighten the rope, they stomp on the rope and use their hands to drag the rope with all their strength to make an extremely tight binding around the victim. They loosen the rope every half an hour to an hour. Then they tighten it again, and again. They tighten the rope dozens of times, and at the same time stab the practitioners with awls and shock them with electric batons. They also constantly slap the practitioners' faces. After the practitioners pass out, the guards pour cold water on them. Many times the practitioners were tortured to the brink of death. Numerous practitioners' wounds seeped pus even six months later, and they still could not walk.

The guards dragged me onto a platform and tried to force me to kneel, but failed. Perpetrators Han Xingwei and Zhang Jinlong forced me to sit on the ground. They put their feet on my shoulders and pulled my arms behind my back and pushed them upwards, almost to the point of breaking. I was short of breath at once, and I struggled and stood up. I could have passed out and fallen to the ground instantly if I was not dragged by the two guards, as the pain in my arms was unbearable.

My arms turned purple as the blood circulation was cut off. Then the guards suddenly loosened the rope to make the victims suffer more pain. I felt more uncomfortable as the blood rushed back. The inmates who witness the torture later told me my face had turned white. The skin on my wrists was broken, and my hands and shoulders were paralyzed for over 20 days.

Because I refused to eat the food given to inmates, I was given barely two steamed buns each day. I was constantly hungry and my weight dropped significantly after four months. I was skin and bones and my hair had turned white. I vomited day and night and could not hold down food or liquids. The guards seemed to take delight and fun in my plight.

7. Illegal forced labor

On October 20, 2000, the Xia County Police Department officials sentenced me to forced labor. Guards Zhang Xiufeng and Wu from the Xia County Detention Center sent me to the Sanmenxia City Forced Labor Camp.

Seven days later, on October 27, I was cuffed to a police car with my arms spread apart and transferred to the No. 3 Forced Labor Camp in Xuchang City, Henan Province, notorious for its abuse of inmates.

Practitioners Cui Yusheng, Fu Liming, Chen Xiaoming and Li Yuhang were also sent to this labor camp. Fu Liming and Chen Xiaoming were sent to forced labor for the second time.

8. Disabled from torture upon arrival at the "hell on earth"

This labor camp is much worse than Xia County Detention Center and is nicknamed "hell on earth." I was body-searched upon arrival. Then a group of collaborators surrounded us and tried to convince us to give up Dafa. The collaborators came to us daily and tried to persuade us to give up Dafa. Later, three female collaborators, including Sun Zhuli from the No. 1 Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province, came to abuse us.

The No. 3 Labor Camp used systematic methods to persecute us. The first method was deception. Guard Tan told me he was a Falun Gong practitioner, but I saw through his lies. Then they tried to justify the persecution with the illegal notice issued by the Ministry of Public Security and "laws" made by Jiang's group that contradict the Constitution of China. Guard Shi Baolong came to talk to me. I gave a detailed analysis of their so-called legal evidence. I refuted him from a legal perspective, and Shi Baolong grew silent and left. I held a hunger strike to protest the physical abuse and mental torment.

There are at least three divisions at the No. 3 Forced Labor Camp. Division 3 is located on the first floor. It includes two small teams and specializes in detaining and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Yan Zhenye, the labor camp head, oversees the operation. Shi Baolong, head of the Education Section and Ma Huating, head of the Administration Section, are in charge of brainwashing at Division 3. Division 3 does not participate in work and only brainwashes the practitioners with CCP ideology. They use various "textbooks" written by the Judicial Department and utilize propaganda movies to brainwash us. One book elaborated on the methods to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, including isolation, 24-hour brainwashing by several collaborators, slave labor even if they are on a hunger strike, forced exercising, keeping the practitioners occupied so they cannot recite Dafa articles, buying food for them to lull them into false security and destroy their will, among other things. In order to cover up their crimes, the labor camp authorities tore out these pages before giving us the book.

Division 2 was named the "Devil Drill Camp" by division head Jin. Yao Peng is the political head of Division 2. Team 1 of Division 2 is called the "Devil Team."

On the evening of my arrival, the perpetrators sent practitioners Cui Yusheng, Li Yuhang, Niu Jiwen who was detained for the third time and me to Team 1 of Division 2 and placed us under heightened persecution.

The next day, October 28, Zhen Qi, head of the No. 1 Team in Division 2 personally directed the persecution. In the morning he forced practitioner Cui Yusheng and me to go to the workshop. Ba Dong, head inmate of Class 4, the Strictly Controlled Class, led inmates Liao Hao and Da Qiang to force me to squat against the wall. I refused, so they started beating me in front of more than 200 people at the Division. The skin above my eyebrow cracked and blood ran down my face. They then forced me to work. Guard Zhen Qi ordered Liao Hao and Da Qiang to drag me out of the courtyard. They planned to "take care" of me in the restroom. I thought, "Whatever will happen will happen; I'm not afraid." I followed them. Half way to the restroom, Zhen Qi saw that I didn't show any fear and he called us back. The two inmates begged me and said, "Please, pick up a few aluminum tubes just to make believe you are working or Zhen Qi will punish us." I took pity on them and took a few tubes. Zhen Qi saw us and laughed, believing he had taught me a lesson.

I saw practitioner Sui Yusheng being dragged inside a workshop by Jia Dadong, an inmate from Team 1, and several other inmates. Jia Dadong hit Sui Yusheng in the mouth and caused a huge lump that stayed there for a long time.

I was still on hunger strike. Before dinner, Zhen Qi shouted at the two inmates responsible for watching me, "You guys can't eat if he doesn't eat. If you dare to eat, I'll knock your teeth out!"

The CCP has always played people against each other and used implication to incite hatred. In the evening, because practitioner Cui Yusheng was still on hunger strike, Zhen Qi told the inmates, "If Cui Yusheng doesn't start eating, you guys can't sleep."

On the morning of October 29, Team 1 of Division 2 was sent out to dig a ditch. The ditch was three or four meters deep, and it normally takes two people to haul the mud out. The perpetrators assigned each Falun Gong practitioner the workload for two people while practitioner Cui Yusheng was still on a hunger strike.

One day in November, Cui Yusheng was beaten for doing the Dafa exercises. He went on strike to protest the beating. I supported Cui Yusheng, and guard Wang Faxiang ordered inmate head Shi Yudian and inmate Luo Zhengfa to beat me to nearly the whole morning near the ditch. They kicked my kneecaps and used the heel of their army boots to kick the ribs on my back. Guard Wang Faxiang kicked me four times, and then they tortured me with "tightening the ropes." Two inmates stepped on my legs and forced me to kneel to insult me.

My legs were crippled from torture that morning. All ten of my toes turned black and I have difficulty walking to this day. Even now my toenails are still black.

One day in February 2001 the guards sent us to Team 1, Division 2 for the second time. At a meeting around 10:00 p.m., with the excuse that I was half-sleeping at the meeting, guard Zhen Qi ordered guard Wang Faxiang to take three inmates on duty, Lu Yong, Da Qiang and Zhao Zongbao, to drag me to the dormitory of Class 4. The perpetrators kicked and stomped me, and they kneed me in the back, chest and head. They beat me until I lost bowel and bladder control.

I confronted Wang Faxiang and asked why they beat me. Wang Faxiang said, "Who beat you? Who saw it?" I told them I would let the head of the labor camp know about what happened to me. I didn't know then that the head of the labor camp was equally vicious as all the other perpetrators. Wang Faxiang told Zhen Qi, "If the boss asks, just say he [the practitioner] was doing the exercises."

(To be continued)