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On Cultivation of Speech and the Issue of Security

June 03, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, Dafa practitioners' cultivation of speech should focus more on security and safety, thereby reducing any losses to Dafa and Dafa disciples. I would like to bring up a few issues in order to raise awareness among us.

After going through persecution in the last few years, Dafa disciples in China have become more rational and are able to pay more attention to safety. There are still a few disciples, even coordinators or practitioners in the truth clarification materials production sites, who always verbally stress "righteous thoughts, righteous thoughts, and as long as we have strong righteous thoughts, there should not be any problems." Dafa disciples should take responsibility for Dafa, for fellow practitioners, and also for themselves. Therefore, speech needs to be cultivated, and attention should be paid to safety issues.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) transferred the tasks of persecuting Dafa disciples to the local National Security Bureau. In terms of technology, Dafa disciples have limited abilities to counter the surveillance and spying of the CCP, and nobody knows how much money is being spent to persecute Dafa disciples. Some fellow practitioners believe that they are not important people, and that the evil can't do too much damage to them; therefore they are not careful in terms of security and they talk about everything over the telephone. Why were so many materials production sites destroyed by the evil? Where did the evil get their information? It's all because we were not careful enough. If a particular practitioner has strong righteous thoughts and the evil cannot harm him, still, perhaps the information they receive from him could be used to persecute other practitioners. Then this Dafa disciple also shares the responsibility.

Let's talk about Dafa disciples who live outside of China. It's common that the cell phones of Dafa disciples who live overseas have been tapped by the CCP. The evil is committing crimes openly in Mainland China, but they are more subtle overseas. Even though the evil can't damage Dafa disciples as a whole, they obtain a lot of information on overseas Dafa activities and Dafa disciples, using methods such as photographing and following practitioners, sending special agents and tapping into Dafa disciples' phones, partially because we Dafa disciples don't pay enough attention to security. The blacklist of the CCP, the information that the Chinese National Security Agency had when they persecuted overseas Dafa disciples traveling in China, the shooting incident in South Africa when practitioners were suing Zeng Qinghong, and the telephone harassment that large numbers of Dafa disciples received - all these incidents illustrate that the evil's persecution is everywhere. Overseas Dafa disciples also should pay attention to security and not allow the evil to succeed.

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York," Master answered a question raised by a practitioner:

Disciple: Because of security concerns, there are some things we want to keep secret. But going too far with this hampers sharing and communication among students and dampens people's enthusiasm. How can we handle this better?

Teacher: Cultivators, you know, need to think about others no matter what it is they are doing, and even more so should they think about Dafa. So don't be upset when somebody doesn't disclose something to you. Some projects can't be discussed in big meetings, they can't be known to everyone. When a larger number of people know about such a project, people let down their guard. One person talks about it, and another talks about it, and before you know it those secret agents from China's band of gangsters know about it, too. Their means of monitoring and eavesdropping on what you do are getting out of hand. Whether you have your phone turned on or off, they can [use it to] listen in on you. So for security's sake, a lot of the things you do to save sentient beings can't be known widely before you do them. You have to be clear on this point: you need to make allowances for students [when they don't let you in on things]. They're not trying to hide things from you--they are trying to keep them low-key. For example, let's say you want to hold an art exhibit to clarify the truth, and before things start up the consulate makes a phone call to intimidate the gallery, saying, "If you let them use the gallery, you'd better watch out: there will be an explosion." No underhanded behavior is beneath them. So with some things we can't have a lot of people involved. As Dafa students you have to be understanding of every student.

If Dafa disciples in both China and abroad can pay attention to the cultivation of speech and security, the overall condition of Dafa will be much better.