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A Professor's Words from the Heart (Photo)

June 28, 2005 |   By Chang Chin-Hwa


Having read books for 40 years and gained an esteemed reputation and social status, I still felt as if I were stuck in the mountains dodging recurring dangers. Exhausted from the heavy burdens on my shoulders, I was not sure where I should climb!

I am a professor at the Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University. The highly regarded title seems very admirable. Ten years ago, my father began to get very sick. By his bed, I tried to comfort him but failed to find the words. I suddenly realized that I did not know how to face the end of life, even though I obtained a Ph.D. degree and worked as a teacher at a famous university. All the worldly knowledge that I accumulated and have been proficient in dwindled at that very moment.

For the sake of exploring the meaning and the purpose of life, I started to study Buddhism. I read some Buddhist literature and learned several types of qigong. However, I found myself troubled for many years by not being able to find a genuine master. I searched here and there and read many books. In terms of cultivation process, these books are too abstruse, too general without enough details, or too reserved. In addition, the writers did not know what was right and what wasn't.

Lost on my way, I prayed to the heavens for a direction. Meanwhile, I grew increasingly determined to practice cultivation. Thereupon making that continual decision, I stopped eating any meat, wishing that I could get closer to a Buddhist cultivation way through body and mind purification.

After middle age, my health began to deteriorate every day. I suffered allergies, stomach pain, chills, low blood pressure, osteoporosis, menopause, gynecologic problems, headache and toothache and the list continued. Even though I took very good care of myself in terms of nutrition and physical exercises, my health always had all kinds of problems. I was afraid that at any time I would suddenly fall down. I felt so lonely and helpless in the boundless universe.

In the meantime, I encountered a lot of troubles in my family, in my work place and in interpersonal relationships. What made things worse was that I realized that I might never find the real answer to the meaning of the life due to the limitation of human beings.

Profound Principles and Easy to Learn Methods

One day, an old friend of mine from Chung Hua Institute for Economic Research invited me to join him for a meal. He told me that he was practicing Falun Gong and gave me the book Zhuan Falun since I am always interested in cultivation practices. I finished the book within one weekend and my heart was genuinely touched. The book systematically displays incomparably profound views on the universe, the human body, time, space and life in a simple and straight-forward oral language. Moreover, the theoretical system is broad and complete and the practice methods are easy to learn and come with amazing effects.

High Resolution Picture
Professor Chang Chin-Hwa, the director of Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University

Good Heavens! Is this true? I was debating a judgment in my heart: If this is phony, how could it be possible to explain everything so clearly. If it is true, how can we be so lucky? I immediately made it clear in my mind that I should "test" whether the principles (laws) are true through my own practice. The next morning, I found a practice site near my home and began to study the Fa and practice the exercises.

Time slips by quickly. After 5 years of cultivation practice, I seem to have experienced an inconceivable miracle. Everyone has witnessed my changes: my complexion is healthier, the dark spots on my face are gone, my wrinkles have vanished, my skin looks young and aglow and my body is strong. For nearly six years, I have not been sick or needed to take any kind of medicine. All my health problems disappeared. In addition, the effect and quality of my research and teaching have been getting better.

More importantly, Falun Dafa's explanations of the universe and life have helped me to understand them in the ways and attitudes that are so much deeper, broader, more compassionate, more forgiving, more modest and more introspective. During my cultivation practice, I gradually put down my senseless anxiety and restlessness and untied the knots of my attachment and worries.

Pass over Birth, Age, Sickness and Death and Walk Beyond the Love, Hatred, Sentiment and Worries

Once I went to a hospital to visit a family member of mine during the Chinese New Year. As I was walking through the hospital corridor, I saw every patient and visitor at each side of the wall looking so worried, depressed and perplexed. In contrast, my mind is so peaceful after cultivation that it seemed to be able to fully perceive the reasons behind the unpredictability of the human world. My body is so energetic that my life seems to have passed over all the pains of the human world. At that moment, I was very grateful to Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa has truly achieved the goal of offering salvation to all living beings and bringing the human world an infinite and glorious future. Signs I had seen on either sides of a door came to my mind: "Pass over Birth, Age, Sickness and Death; Walk Beyond the Love, Hatred, Sentiment and Worry." The horizontal banner above the door is "Falun Dafa"!

Is Falun Dafa real? My five years experience has proved that the effect of practicing Falun Gong is absolutely real. My personal experience is not coincidental. Actually, thousands of genuine Falun Gong practitioners all have the similar experiences. For example, my over seventy year old mother has also practiced Falun Gong for five years. She used to have over ten types of diagnosed diseases. However, within the last two years, she has not needed any medical care, not even once. A younger sister of mine has also practiced Falun Gong for four years. She has experienced the miraculous changes as well after having practiced Falun Dafa.

If the spirit of "science" is not superstitious and does not follow anything blindly, it should respect facts and personal experiences. The process of Falun Gong practice is extremely scientific and can withstand any verification. Besides, Falun Gong does not collect fees, does not save any material things, and does not have any rituals, social rank, organizations or idolatry.

Every practitioner views the Fa as the master and the whole cultivation process is focused on improving a practitioner's xinxing. Falun Dafa can eliminate all the shortcomings of current society where everyone seeks fame and personal profit.

My friend, do you really want to leave misery and obtain happiness? Do you really wish to seek the truth of life? Please do not miss the precious opportunity of obtaining Dafa, an opportunity which may never be repeated in thousands of years.