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Dafa Practitioner Wang Qiufeng Dies as a Result of Persecution in 2003

June 02, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Hebei Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa Practitioner Mrs. Wang Qiufeng, 42, was from Guluying Village, Dongzhen Township, Lincheng County, Heibei Province. After she suffered several rounds of brutal persecution, her body and mind were devastated. She passed away in February 2003.

Mrs. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 1999 and was arrested and held for over a month in the county detention center, then fined three thousand yuan. Her house was ransacked and her belongings were confiscated.

On April 15, 2001, Mrs. Wang Qiufeng and several other practitioners were arrested while posting Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She was held in the Ren County Detention Center and subjected to brutal beatings by the director of the police station. She was abused for five months in the detention center. Her house was raided again, and Hu Aimin from the Public Security Bureau extorted two thousand yuan from her family.

Mrs. Wang Qiufeng's family was poor. Her mother-in-law was chronically ill and needed continual medical care. After the family borrowed two thousand yuan to pay Hu Aimin, the detention center authorities still refused to release Mrs. Wang. Her mother-in-law's health worsened and she wanted to see Wang Qiufeng for the last time. Policeman Hu Aimin created all sorts of obstacles to stop this, and would not even let Mrs. Wang go to the funeral after her mother-in-law passed away in May 2001.

One evening in 2002, Mrs. Wang was studying the Fa at home. The County 610 Office and the Township Police Station director, with about fifteen police officers, raided her house and arrested everyone in the home. They were released the next day, but the 610 Office and police frequently returned to harass the family. Mrs. Wang's health worsened as a result and she passed away in February 2003.