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Thirteen Practitioners from Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Other Provinces Who Died Because of the Persecution

May 09, 2005 |  


Mr. Fu Zhongxin was a 76-year-old retiree living at the Erlu Village, Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province. His whole family practiced Falun Dafa and benefited from the practice. After Jiang's regime started the persecution in July 1999, his family went to Beijing many times to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. However, the whole family suffered a lot because of the brutal persecution. Fu's eldest son was sent to a forced labor camp for three years, his second daughter-in-law endured long-term torture in a brainwashing center, his eldest daughter and her husband were also arrested and suffered both short-term and long-term detentions just because they went to Beijing to appeal. During the 2002 Chinese New Year period, his family was reduced to just him, his two granddaughters (one 12, one 14 years old) and a 13-year-old grandson. Nobody helped the family. Even so, police officers still frequently harassed them. The high pressure and burden became too much for him. He died miserably on June 15, 2002.

Ms. Wang Zhiyu was a resident of Yang County, Shanxi Province. She introduced Falun Dafa to people in her daily life. On either April 12 or 13, 2005 she was arrested by local police officers. Officers from the provincial 610 Office also came to persecute her. Ms. Wang died the same day or the next day from the torture she endured while in detention.

Mr. Xu Zhenfu was 64 years old. He was a resident of Shaerhure Township, Huolinguole City, Inner Mongolia. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. After July 20, 1999, police officers went to his home to harass him many times. His wife went to Beijing to appeal, and was arrested and detained many times by local officers, which caused Mr. Xu immense grief. During the time period that his wife was detained for the third time, he died on March 6, 2002.

Mr. Xu Yacong was 63 years old. He was a resident of Shaerhure Township, Huolinguole City, Inner Mongolia who started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. He went to Beijing on September 9, 1999 to tell people that Falun Dafa is righteous. He ended up being detained by the local police for two weeks. Later, his home was searched and he was arrested many times because he clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to people. Local officers frequently harassed him at his home. He passed away on February 7, 2003.

Mr. Wang Yujie was 44 years old, and a resident of Benxi City, Liaoning Province. He had many diseases before he started practicing Falun Dafa, but the diseases disappeared soon after he took up the practice. In October 1999, he went to Beijing to clarify the true nature of Falun Dafa to people, but was arrested and detained. After being released, he was frequently harassed by local police and street officers. On April 8, 2002, he died.

Ms. Liu Juanjuan was 73 years old. She was a practitioner who worked at the Nanchang City Second Attached Hospital, Jiangxi Province. Before practicing Falun Gong, she had high blood pressure, diabetes, and had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. None of her conditions were cured despite visiting physicians at many hospitals. Through practicing Falun Gong she became very healthy and regained a rosy complexion. But after the persecution started in 1999, police officers frequently followed and threatened her. Feeling terrified, she could not study Falun Dafa or do the practice as usual. On February 9, 2005, she suddenly died.

Mr. Liu Huisong was 57 years old, and an employee of the Agriculture Machinery Station of Dajing Township, Wuxue City, Hubei Province. He was threatened and harassed many times by police officers from the Dajing Township Police Station who did not allow him to go to Beijing to appeal. Local officers had him fired from his job, which left him without an income. On December 2004, he died after a cerebral hemorrhage.

Ms. Yu Huiqin was a Falun Dafa practitioner who worked at the Guangdong Province Textile Import and Export Company. After she retired in 2000, she was harassed and monitored for a long time, and was eventually arrested and sent to a brainwashing session where she was severely abused. On December 2001, she died in great sorrow.

Ms. Chen Shangying was an 83-year-old senior who was respected for her kindness. Her grandson was arrested many times for validating Falun Dafa. The inhuman persecution of her grandson left the old lady in great sorrow. On January 23, 2002, her grandson was arrested once again, which left Ms. Chen in despair.

Traumatized by the horror, she died feeling broken-hearted.

Mr. Zhang Zhijun was from Nanpi County, Hebei Province. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. All of the diseases he had suffered from disappeared after only half a year of practice. After July 20, 1999, he went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa, but was detained. After returning to his home, he was frequently harassed and could not do the Falun Gong exercises anymore. On September 14, 2003, he passed away.

Mr. Xia Wenzhong was a 59- year-old resident of Chenan County, Handan City, Hebei Province. On August 31, 2002, he attended a large-scale experience sharing conference held in the county. For this, he was arrested, beaten, and shocked with high-voltage cattle prods by a group of police officers (headed by Tian Guisheng and Yang Shihua from the Chenan County Police Department). The torture left him with high blood pressure and symptoms of having suffered a stroke. Later, he was subjected to brutal torture at the Daming and Shijiazhuang prisons. Under such continual pressure, he gave up and said things against Falun Dafa. Later with the help of his family, he was released just before the 2005 Chinese New Year. Due to the torture he suffered in the prison, he was sometimes mentally slow. After coming home, through communicating with fellow practitioners, he made a solemn declaration that he would continue the practice of Falun Dafa. However, he passed away on March 14, 2005.

Ms. Cui Tong was a 62-year-old employee of the Changchun City Watch and Clock Factory. On April 25, 1999, she went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. After returning home, she was harassed, threatened, and had her home-searched by police officers many times. She was also sent to a brainwashing session after which she was left blind in one eye and suffered urinary incontinence because of the constant threats. Police officers forced her family to pay 1,000 yuan before releasing her. She was forced to leave home for about one year to avoid further persecution. When she started to feel unwell, she was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. She passed away at the end of September 2004.

Ms. Jin Shuxian was a 74-year-old resident of Changchun City. Her multiple diseases were cured through practicing Falun Dafa. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, local police officers went to her home many times to try to force her to write a guarantee statement, and to harass and threaten her. Her three daughters were sent to forced labor camps at different times, and another daughter was sent to a brainwashing center. She was deeply pained in her heart and passed away in June 2000.