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Righteous Thoughts and Predestined Relationships

May 05, 2005 |   By a Dafa disciple from Chengde City, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Cultivation during Fa-rectification tells us that only by keeping righteous thoughts at all times and in all places can we take the opportunity to do the three things well according to the process arranged by Master and assist Master in Fa-rectification. This requires us to think of others in everything, to reach a higher standard of unselfishness and validating Dafa through practice, to grab every chance to save sentient beings, and to ascend as one body.

An incident in the fall of 2004 still remains fresh in my memory. I had just read Master's article "In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human", and discussed it with fellow practitioner A. When we were about to leave my booth (to prepare for the delivery of goods), an elderly woman carrying a big sack of apples hurried in. She looked very tired and anxious. She was breathing heavily and sweat covered her face. She stopped in front of us and told us that she arrived in town searching for her relative and she was lost. I hesitated, thinking only of delivering the goods. However, fellow practitioner A immediately carried the woman's apple sack and led her toward her destination.

Seeing them moving away, my heart suddenly trembled! I realized the distance between my selfishness and the fellow practitioner's spiritual level. Why did I look on with folded arms? She had a predestined relationship with me as she came to me first! It is urgent to save people! Putting down the goods, I jumped on my bicycle and rode fast to catch up with them.

We carried the sack in turns. When she looked at us with appreciation, we clarified the truth to her. She told us that she had a family member who practiced Falun Gong, but was puzzled by the vicious TV propaganda. I realized the significance of this trip and this predestined relationship and enlightened that this was Master's arrangement to help this practitioner catch up. I understood the importance of my errand and was determined to complete it well!

Arriving at the lady's destination, we met her younger sister--a familiar face, for she was fellow practitioner B who used to be at the same practice site with me. We had not seen each other for five years. Although she had been doing exercises and occasionally sending forth righteous thoughts, she did not know how to clarify the truth, could not read all the characters in Master's new articles, and had not exchanged insights with other practitioners for a long time. I immediately helped her to read several of Master's articles that I had brought with me and discussed with her the significance and urgency of cultivation during the Fa rectification period, how to send forth righteous thoughts, and why we clarified the truth. Fellow practitioner B reacted as if awakening from a dream. She told us that she would definitely catch up with the process of Fa rectification. She also said that she would return to her hometown where her sister was living to help several practitioners to step forward and merge with the wave of Fa rectification.

Since then, the practitioners in her hometown now are able to read Master's new articles, Clearwisdom.net and truth clarification materials. This series of good predestined relationships and positive transformations came right from the correction of one thought! This personal rectification caused the elimination of old forces, the fulfillment of a Fa rectification errand and many sentient being's being saved. The rectification of one thought carries so much significance!