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Declarations by Dafa Practitioners

May 31, 2005 |  

Solemn Declaration

In November 2000, I was forced to attend a brainwashing class, where I was put under surveillance day and night. All the Falun Gong practitioners present were subjected to severe physical and mental persecution. We were forced to study materials criticizing Falun Gong and to watch videotapes slandering Teacher. We were also forced to go through military-style drill exercises in cold weather. As a consequence, I became extremely fatigued and mentally traumatized. Because I didn't study the Fa enough, I lost my righteous thoughts, followed a stray path, and did sinful things. I now declare that all the words I said and deeds I committed due to forced brainwashing are null and void. This includes my written "Guarantee Statements," my reading the materials criticizing Falun Gong, my watching the videotapes slandering Teacher, my reciting the rules of the brainwashing class, and my participation in the military drills. From now on, I should be strict with myself using Dafa's standard and deny all the arrangements of the old forces, and I will do the three things that Dafa practitioners are required to do, clear away the Communist specter and the old forces and become a genuine Dafa practitioner.

Jin Xianglian

March 10, 2005

Translated on May 22, 2005 from Chinese version available at


Solemn Declaration

In the winter of 1996, I was fortunate to begin practicing Falun Dafa and improved my body and mind. All of my chronic diseases disappeared, and I regained my health. However, after July 20, 1999, when Jiang's regime launched the persecution against Falun Gong, which covered every corner of China, we were forced by our village cadre and police officer to write a guarantee statement. Two persons hired by agents of the regime tailed us. They threatened us, saying that if we refused to write the statements, my son, who worked for a foreign trade company, would be fired. At that time I wrote a "guarantee statement" against my will, because I had too many attachments to fame, profit, emotion and comfort. Because of my shallow understanding of the Fa, I was doing Dafa things with an ordinary person's mentality. Even though I haven't been cultivating diligently, Teacher still takes care of me. In the summer of 2001, four policemen, along with our village Communist Party secretary, illegally searched my home but did not find anything. They insisted that a practitioner who had been previously arrested had used my home phone. They ordered me to sign my name on a truth clarification flyer. I compromised once again. What I did was disgraceful. Herein, I declare that all the words I said and deeds I committed against my will are null and void. I will catch up with Teacher's Fa-rectification process and deny the old forces. I will also do the three things and become a true Dafa practitioner.

Yang Yuzhi and Song Xinyu

January 6, 2005

Translated on May 22, 2005 from Chinese version available at