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Practitioner Wang Zhige Tortured and Now on the Verge of Death

May 30, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Zhige worked at the Harbin City Gas Factory in Heilongjiang Province. Several months ago, he gave a truth clarifying VCD to a person named Weng Hongjun, who lives in Fangzheng County. Weng reported this to his brother Weng Hongbin, a deputy division leader of the national security division. Weng Hongbin then started surveillance on Mr. Wang. On March 27, Mr. Wang was on his way to visit his parents in Fangzheng County. Just as he stepped out from his car, Weng Hongbin arrested him. Mr. Wang carried two big plastic bags containing about one to two hundred copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Weng Hongbin then searched Mr. Wang's home. He confiscated two computers, one printer and printing materials, as well as several copies of the Nine Commentaries.

Mr. Wang was then detained at the Fangzheng County Detention Center. Weng Hongbin, Chou Yongsheng and other police tortured Mr. Wang to obtain a "confession." This continued for days. The beatings were so severe that his eyes were swollen shut, and he could not see. He could not move without severe pain. Nonetheless, Mr. Wang didn't cooperate with the evil and would not confess to any crime. To protest, he went on a hunger strike for more than thirty days. Mr. Wang is now extremely weak and has fallen into a coma. Half of his face is wrapped in bandages. A tube is inserted into his nose, and he cannot move his body. He is on the verge of death.

Seventeen days into Mr. Wang's hunger strike, he was sent to the hospital for a four-hour emergency procedure. He was later sent back to the detention center and detained in a solitary cell. Two policemen took turns monitoring him 24 hours a day. Detention center officials do not permit Mr. Wang's family to see him for fear of being exposed. Zhao Jiaqi, vice-commissioner of the police station, issued this order: "Do not release Wang and impose a heavy penalty."

Since Mr. Wang is very weak, he cannot appear in court. It is reported that the Fangzheng County Court would hold a court hearing on May 16.

Perpetrators' telephone numbers:
Country code: 86

Area Code: 451

Zhao Jiaqi: (County Police Station Deputy Chief) 13303617299 (C) 57126836 (H)
Chou Yongsheng: (National security division leader) 13303617297 (C) 57128082 (O) 57211018 (H)
Weng Hongbin: (National security division deputy leader)
Weng Hongjun: 13115506900 (C)
Huang Jiangbo: (policeman) 57120000
Wang Yunge: (policeman) 13904664485 (C) 57120540 (O) 57128088 (H)

Telephone numbers of related personnel:
Liu Ying: (Fazheng County Court Chief Justice) 13936216123 (C) 57126426(O) 57116005(H)
Wu Shaowei: (County Court Criminal Court Justice) 57110478 (C) 57122583 (H)
Dong Mengjie: (County Judicial Bureau Chief) 13836041600 (C) 55058226 and 55053805
Sun Yu: (County Judicial Committee Secretary) 13903666283 (C) 57116699 and 57428890
Sun Bairen: (County Judicial Committee Deputy Secretary) 13989026111 (C) 0892-8182254

May 16, 2005