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Follow the Path Home Amidst Tribulations - Assist Master in Fa-rectification (Part III)

May 29, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) (Continued)

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IV. Follow the Progress of Fa Rectification Closely

1. Exposing the evil locally and protesting against the persecution

Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Bin was a software engineer in a computer section of the Daqing Petroleum Research Academy. He once won the second prize in a national technology competition. Mr. Wang was persecuted and died on September 27, 2000 at the age of 47. A number of practitioners and Wang Bin's family decided to protest against the persecution and filed a lawsuit against three policemen including Feng Xi, and a prisoner. Policeman Feng Xi was sentenced and the other two were fired from the Public Security Bureau. The prisoner was charged with a felony.

In the fall of 2001, practitioner Chen Qiulan died because of the persecution. After other practitioners learned about Ms. Chen's death, over 20 practitioners got together and discussed how to expose those responsible for Chen Qiulan's death. At that time, the practitioners had little or no information. They didn't have Ms. Chen's picture, nor did they know where she had worked. That afternoon, practitioners laid the groundwork for their actions. Some were in charge of the written materials and flyers, some of exposing her death on the Internet, some prepared banners, some contacted her family for a picture, some investigated the details of the persecution, and others helped the family to strongly request the police not to cremate Chen Qiulan's remains. They planned everything carefully, even what to write on the banners and where to hang the banners. Since the memorial banners couldn't be displayed in residential and business areas, everyone decided to hang them outside the hospitals and in public places. That night everything was ready. Banners with the information about Ms. Chen's death due to the persecution could be seen everywhere the next morning. Banners saying, "Dafa Practitioner Chen Qiulan Will Always Be Remembered" could be seen above the streets and other high places. The practitioners wanted to expose the persecution, and they wanted to let everyone know about the practitioner's courage.

Before the 16th session of the People's Congress in January 2002, the city petroleum company, the city government and the petroleum administrative bureau established a brainwashing center. They told people that it was a "legal education school." This brainwashing center cost 2 million yuan. They also asked for 15 instructors from a forced labor camp. There were ten to twelve Dafa practitioners forcibly sent to every session, which lasted 2 months. They demanded that the practitioners' employer pay 6,000 yuan for each detainee and also to send a person to monitor them. They restricted the practitioners' freedom and watched every single move they made. They forced practitioners to watch videos that slandered Dafa and Master daily and used many methods to force practitioners to "transform" and write the "Guarantee Letters" to give up Falun Gong. Practitioners who refused were warned that they would be sent to a forced labor camp. Practitioner Liu (first name unknown) refused to write the Dissociation Statement and was sent to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, where he was persecuted to death. The practitioners' supervisors were under pressure to cooperate with the 610 Office and their respective supervisory sections. They were forced to send practitioners to the brainwashing center. Some practitioners knew how evil the brainwashing center was but didn't clarify the truth and protest against the persecution until after the evil had held three brainwashing sessions. Later, the practitioners realized that they must break the arrangement of the evil forces and follow Master's teachings. One practitioner in the brainwashing center clarified the truth to over 30 people. Some went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Practitioners on the outside disclosed the existence of those brainwashing classes on the Internet, looked for those responsible for setting up the sessions to clarify the truth to them, posted flyers and announcements, made calls, hung up banners, and sent forth righteous thoughts together. Finally, the workplaces no longer sent practitioners to the brainwashing center, and it was closed down.

2. Re-enactment photos for the anti-torture exhibition

As the Minghui website [the Chinese-language version of the Clearwisdom website] proposed to have practitioners in China provide material for anti-torture exhibitions, the local practitioners prepared what was needed. Everyone went to the location where the re-enactment photos were staged and taken, and there were many touching stories. Many pictures had colorful Falun in them and showed the magnificence of Dafa.

After we shot the first set of photos, we found many shortcomings. The props weren't good enough, and the "actors" were not very convincing. The practitioners discussed among themselves and realized that the anti-torture exhibitions made by practitioners in China could more effectively expose the persecution and save sentient beings. The practitioners realized how solemn and sacred the anti-torture exhibitions were and their great value as a part of the Fa-rectification process. They decided to redo everything.

The next time they shot the staged torture scenes, a practitioner told the practitioner playing the role of the police, "Go ahead and hit me. It's all right, in order to make it look real." A practitioner who had just been released from prison was still very weak, but also participated. This practitioner showed the torture that he'd been through in the prison. To show the painful scene of being force-fed and sweating heavily, and being short of breath, he chewed red chili pepper first to make the sweating more realistic. Other practitioners also participated in the activities, though they were exhausted after their day jobs already. They placed this task as a high priority and did everything possible to make it happen. One practitioner didn't know that the practitioners' faces would be hidden before being published. He thought his face would be published on the Minghui website and he would risk being persecuted again, but he still participated in this activity in order to expose the evil. Another practitioner, who just had been released from prison, chose to take part in most of the re-enacted beatings. While photographing the "hung up with iron chains" torture, he offered to be a part of it. When the chair to support him from underneath was removed, he was hanging in the air, and the excruciating pain made him grimace and moan. After the torture tools were removed, his wrist was injured and there were deep marks. One practitioner could barely support his family of four, as his job did not pay much, but he still resolutely participated in the photography of the torture re-enactments. He said sincerely, "My personal affairs can never be more important than Dafa work." Once his picture was developed, we saw colorful Faluns turning near his head and legs!

After the anti-torture exhibition activities, we realized that every Fa-validating project was unique and magnificent, and should be done wholeheartedly. Through sharing, everyone realized that we not only had to do it, but we had to do it well. As a result, the second shooting went much better. Golden, shining Faluns on the pictures showed us the power of cooperation and the beauty and magnificence of the Fa-rectification in other dimensions.

3. Sending articles for the "First Written Experience Sharing Conference for Falun Dafa Practitioners in China," held over the Internet

After the Minghui website asked for articles to be published as part of the Internet-based "First Written Experience Sharing Conference for Falun Dafa Practitioners in China,"

our local practitioners actively participated. Practitioners from another area, through sharing with their coordinator, understood that this was an opportunity Master gave practitioners in China to improve as a whole. We realized how solemn, sacred and magnificent this conference was, and we could see our own deficiencies because of it. Everyone participated. They wrote down their experiences and asked others to polish and edit the articles. Two articles from our area, "We Move Forward with Our Heads Up High Amidst Hardship" and "Going Home in Spite of Hardship," were published on the Minghui website.

4. Building Minghui Schools

Since 2003, we have established several Minghui kindergartens and Minghui counseling classes. Several experience sharing sessions helped teachers and staff to understand that we had to let go of the attachment to financial gain. This was different than ordinary schools. Our mission was to help children attain Dafa and to help their parents to learn the truth about Dafa. This is the real mission of practitioners during Fa-rectification.

The practitioners played Master's audio lectures for the children before they went to sleep, played the music "Pudu" and "Jishi," taught them to memorize Hong Yin, and played animations downloaded from the Minghui website. To improve the children's behavior, the practitioners read them stories based on Falun Gong's principles and read flyers about Falun Gong. After class, practitioners told stories to older children who attended the language school and taught them to value virtue and follow "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

The Minghui schools in China cannot do as much as those outside of China, but the practitioners do their best. Some parents told us that the children in the practitioners' classes didn't get sick. One of the children had myocarditis before attending the class, but completely recovered before the class was over. The child's parents were very happy. Some parents said that the energy field of the class was great. These children behaved very well at home, helped with housework and were considerate of others. Their parents were happy and told the practitioners that their children had changed for the better within just a few months. There were often over 40 children playing outside, yet when called, they would immediately return to class. They studied hard, and they were well liked by the teachers when they went to regular school.

One child was prone to crying and trying to bully other kids. The child's parents, after several kindergartens expelled the child, sent him to a Minghui kindergarten. Through experience sharing and looking inward, the practitioners realized that they couldn't turn down this problem child, because there must be some predestined relationship. The practitioners in the kindergarten sent righteous thoughts for this child for an entire week. The child changed completely and became much better in terms of temperament and manners.

After more than a year, the children had all changed for the better to different degrees. Most of them became more polite, friendly and peaceful. Those who didn't get along well with others became outgoing. While practitioners did only a little bit in this dimension, Master and the Fa helped the children to return to their true selves.

Some practitioners suggested holding a weekly class. They gathered the practitioners' children and studied the Fa together at night. On weekends, they occasionally gathered the young practitioners to study the Fa, do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and share experiences. In this way, they formed a good cultivation environment for young practitioners.

5. Actively participating in the cosmic battle against the evil

We read articles about practitioners whose third eyes were open and could see the battles against the evil in other dimensions. As a result, more and more local practitioners took the train to Beijing, after sharing experiences, to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. They went to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and Zhongnanhai [the central government compound in Beijing] to send righteous thoughts.

Some practitioners started walking from Tiananmen, through Chang'an Street, Fuyou Street, Jingshan Front Street, Beichizi Boulevard, and around Zhongnanhai and sent righteous thoughts the whole time. Some practitioners ended up with blisters on their feet. A practitioner had just been released from prison, and his injured legs had not recovered yet. He couldn't walk for more than 20 minutes at a time normally, but he walked for almost 3 hours while sending forth righteous thoughts close to Zhongnanhai.

One practitioner found that almost all of the pictures taken at Tiananmen Square had Faluns in them, especially the ones taken at night. There were Faluns all over the sky above the square. Looking at the pictures, it seemed that due to the great progress of the Fa-rectification, practitioners worldwide sending righteous thoughts, and practitioners gathering in Beijing to participate in the battle against the evil, the sky was filled with righteous energy!

The interception of Beijing Satellite TV to broadcast the truth of Falun Gong reached a large area. Practitioners in China actively sending righteous thoughts in Beijing had taken pressure off local Beijing practitioners and eliminated a great deal of the evil elements. This was a manifestation of the practitioners' unified strength.

Looking back on the Fa-rectification process of the past 6 years in our city, it was full of hardship. There were memorable, magnificent moments, as well as a lot of regrets and shortcomings. The reason we are where we are today is because of Master's benevolent care. From now on, we will persist in studying the Fa together, sharing experiences, cooperating as a whole, and doing the three things Master has asked us to do well. We will carry out what Master and the Fa ask of us and establish a good model to guide beings in the future.