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The Current Situation of Dafa Practitioners Detained in the Jiamusi Labor Camp

May 17, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at the Jiamusi Labor Camp are still persecuting the Dafa practitioners detained there. They force Dafa practitioners to write so-called "re-education contracts" and to work overtime. If a practitioner refuses, they extend their sentence and deprive them of the right to see relatives and to write letters to their families. In addition, practitioners are fed very little at the labor camp - the food provided is nothing but a steamed bun and water.

The practitioners who are being detained for an extended term include Bao Lixia, Fei Jinrong, Ma Xiaohua, Song Huilan, Zhang Yufang, Su Yanhua and Duan Xiuping.

Many of the detained practitioners are in poor health and for some, their lives are in danger:

Qi Xiulan is extremely weak. Dai Lixia suffers from coronary heart disease due to the persecution, but is still forced to work. Niu Yuhuan is confined to bed because of coronary heart disease.

Recent Cases of Abuse

On March 2, policemen Liu Yadong, Gao Jie, Guo Qinhui and Jiang Jianan held meetings for the criminal inmates and told them to beat up whoever shouted, "Dafa is good."

On April 16, warden Li Xiujin told criminal inmates to beat up Dafa practitioners who read Dafa articles.

During the "People's Congress Conference" in March, policemen Guo Gang and Yang Chunming bound practitioner Wu Chunli, who clarified the truth to them, on a bed and tortured him with an electric baton. Other practitioners, Zhang Guohai and Guo Shuxin, were also shocked with electric batons. Zhang Guohai's face was burned as a result of this torture.

Practitioners Wu Chunlong, Guo Shude and Wu Chunli, who held a hunger strike, were force-fed with a concentrated salt solution but denied water to drink.

Yan Xihua, who declared the "re-education contract" invalid, was tortured severely by Liu Yadong. He could hardly sit because of the wounds.

Cao Xiuxia was beaten by Mu Zhenjuan and other police.

Song Huilan, Deng Chunxia and Zhang Chunzhi were beaten by male policemen with rubber clubs.

Su Yanhua was handcuffed to a bench for 12 days and later to an iron bed for 6 days. She was also beaten by police officers.

Fei Jinrong was handcuffed for 5 days in April. He was force-fed by police and criminal detainees and was almost suffocated in the process.

Zhao Xiuyun was beaten up by guard Sun Hui, on the excuse of her speaking casually. Later, she was punished by being forced to sit on a tiger bench until 9 p.m.

Because of her refusal to place her fingerprint on the "re-education contract," Li Shumei was severely beaten by the guards. She suffered severe injury, including bleeding from her uterus for 50 days.

Gao Cuilan was beaten and shocked with electric batons by Mu Zhenjuan and other policemen.

Because she shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," Bao Lixia was carried out by four criminal inmates for torture. Male guards handcuffed her hands behind her back and beat her with a rubber club. Her mouth, face, arms and other parts of her body were swollen beyond recognition. Department leader Xu Jinli shocked Ms. Bao with an electric baton and forced her to put her fingerprint on the contract. Bao Lixia was detained for more than 11 days beyond her original sentence.

Sun Shuzhi, 60, was arrested on the train to Beijing on September 16, 2004. On October 24, she was sent to this labor camp to serve a 2-year term. She was diagnosed with liver cancer after her health deteriorated due to the poor living conditions, but was still forced to work. Ms. Sun is often maltreated while performing labor.

The Guards Cheat and Extort Money from Practitioners

On April 13, guards Jiang Jianan, Wang Guili and a prison doctor surnamed Liu took 80 yuan from Wang Yuhong, ostensibly for medical exams, but they stole and divided 60 yuan between themselves.

On April 18, guards Liu Yadong and Zhao Minjie extorted the same amount of money from Li Shumei, with the same excuse.

The Guards Torture the Detained Practitioners to Make them Sign a "Re-education Contract"

On March 2, guards Cheng Senhui and Yin Hong took practitioners Meng Fanli, Fan Xiaohua and Wang Qi to the third floor, where over 10 guards carrying electric batons and rubber clubs were waiting for them. They handcuffed these Dafa practitioners and tortured them for over 10 minutes. Because she declared the "five statements" invalid [the "five statements" are similar to the Guarantee Statement], Wang Qi was tortured until she lost consciousness. The police woke her up by poking her acupuncture points and then continued the torture. They also put a dirty cleaning rag into her mouth. Yu Wenbin slapped Ms. Wang forcefully, and Wang Qi passed out immediately. As a result of the beating, Ms. Wang could not take care of herself for several days.

Guard Yang Chunming Extorts Money from Dafa Practitioners

On January 29, 2005, using the excuse of buying luggage, a guard named Yang Chunming withheld 164 yuan from a detained practitioner. He refused to tell the practitioner the actual price of the luggage when requested. After he reported to the supervisory committee, the practitioner was told by Wang Hongming that there were no laws restricting the behavior of police guards.