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Korea: Clarifying the Truth of Falun Dafa at a Traditional Heritage Festival (Photos)

May 13, 2005 |   By a Korean Falun Dafa practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) The annual traditional heritage festival at Gyeongsangnam-do is a 4-day-long celebration of traditional culture. This year, the Gyeongsangnam-do Sports Meet was also held at the same time, so more visitors came to both events. The Falun Gong practitioners made use of this good opportunity to clarify the truth. They contacted the event organizers to clarify the truth and obtained permission to collect signatures to rescue Ms. Gao Chengnu, who is jailed in China. Practitioners also applied for and obtained permission from the local police department.

Exercise demonstration

Reading the truth-clarification boards

From April 29 to May 2, the Falun Gong practitioners set up the display boards and signature collection table under the trees in front of the gymnasium. Since the pictures and boards were between two gyms for Taekwondo and wrestling, there were a lot of people walking by, looking at the truth-clarification pictures and listening to the practitioners' explanations. Many people were angry at the Chinese Communist Party's brutal persecution and signed their names on the petition form to rescue Ms. Gao Chengnu, a Falun Gong practitioner jailed in China.

During the festival and sports meet, the practitioners clarified the truth to people who came to look at the display boards. They also went to the stage and streets, where most people were, to clarify the truth there. Between the performances, people signed their names to rescue Ms. Gao and accepted the truth-clarification flyers. People of all walks of life heard the truth and saw the beautiful Falun Gong performance.