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Sweden: Falun Gong Exhibitions Held in Over Fifty Libraries

May 13, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2001, a practitioner from Västergötland in the west of Sweden has been driving around with an exhibition to libraries and health centres to raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. The exhibition has also been featured in many newspapers.

In an interview with a reporter from Clear Harmony, the practitioner explains how he has benefited from practising Falun Gong and reveals what's giving him the inspiration to hold these exhibitions.

Reporter: How long have you been practising Falun Gong?

I started to practise properly in the spring of 2001 after having participated in an introductory course.

Reporter: What has Falun Gong done for you?

An unbelievable amount. I am a totally new person now: very healthy and, above all, I have changed as a human being. Before, I was shy and taciturn. This has changed. By cultivating and living by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, you change incredibly.

Reporter: What gave you the idea to hold these exhibitions?

First, I helped with an exhibition and I was learning. A good article was published in the local newspaper. I thought it was so good so I wanted to continue. I wanted to let more people know that innocent people are tortured and killed in China.

Reporter: In what places have you been holding your exhibition about Falun Gong?

Mostly in Västra Götaland, primarily in the main libraries and even some health centres. I always contact the library personally. I have had the chance to hold exhibitions everywhere I have been asking; only in two places was I refused or did they not hold exhibitions at all.

Reporter: What do the people usually think about your exhibitions?

Most people say it's a good thing that I am doing, and that it's not many people who work voluntarily for human rights and stand by people on the other side of the earth. With such a response it is easy to continue holding them.

Reporter: You are also collecting petition signatures calling for human rights in China. Do people usually sign?

Yes they do. I usually stand near the exhibition or, for instance, outside some grocery store near the library and collect signatures.

Reporter: Have you ever met with interference at any time?

In one municipality, the librarian had a negative picture of Falun Gong because of the propaganda from China's regime. I talked to him in a peaceful way and showed him a list of all those who have been killed in the persecution in China. He was from Askim, and at that time I had an exhibition at that library. He went and looked at it. Afterwards he called me and said I could set up my exhibitions as soon as the spot was available.

Reporter: You have now been to more than fifty libraries. How do you intend to go on with the exhibitions?

Right now I am thinking about doing another round, that is start again from where I started three years ago and offer the exhibition to branches and the smaller libraries this time as well.

Reporter: How long do you think you will continue with this?

Until the persecution is over. We cannot give up. It's all about doing better every time so that more people get the chance to know the truth about the largest persecution in the world that is aimed at kind-hearted people. The more people who know that the persecution is going on, the quicker it will end.

Reporter: Then I'll finish by wishing you good luck!

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