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The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp

April 08, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province are nefarious. They unscrupulously violate Falun Dafa practitioners' human rights.

On January 25, 2005, they transferred practitioners who refused to do slave labor into the "Strictly Controlled Group" in order to persecute them. Liu Yadong is the head of this group. On the same day he led a group of guards to search the practitioners, one-by-one. They forced the practitioners to sit on a row of plastic stools. Liu Yadong stood in front of the practitioners and said, "So, you won't work for us? Then sit here every day and study this [Dafa-slandering propaganda]! You won't just sit here, we'll extend your sentence!" The guards ordered inmates to monitor the practitioners and encouraged them to verbally abuse the practitioners. They forced the practitioners to sit upright and watch the brainwashing programs on TV.

Practitioner Ms. Su Yanhua is 50 years old. She grew tired so she relaxed a little. Inmate Xu Li, a prostitute, ran up to her and screamed at her. Ms. Su said, "I'm tired." Xu Li shouted, "You can't be tired!" She yanked on Ms. Su Yanhua's collar to force her to straighten her back. Guard Wang Guili said, "That's right, just pull her if she doesn't sit up straight!" Xu Li continued to shove Ms. Su around until she fell off the stool.

Practitioner Ms. Li Guiqin was emaciated and extremely weak from persecution. She could not sit for long, and the perpetrators didn't allow her to sit on a pad. The inmates shouted and dragged her around when she squatted on the ground.

Practitioner Ms. Ma Rujuan refused to write a weekly report required of inmates. On January 27, Yan, the head of the Administration Section, handcuffed her for several days and nights in a small and dark room. The walls inside were plastered with slanderous slogans. The inmates monitored Ms. Ma and didn't allow other practitioners to send her food.

Practitioner Ms. Xu Xianghua showed symptoms of heart disease. One day after lunch when she was walking upstairs to the classroom, she wanted to take a break because she felt tightness in her chest. Inmate Li Yongbo saw her and hit her head with a book.

The practitioners were forced to sit in a row from around 7:30 a.m. until 4: 30 p.m. They were only allowed toilet breaks once in the morning and once in the afternoon, aside from a lunch break. The guards order the inmates to monitor the practitioners.

One practitioner was handcuffed in the "forced backbend"(1) position six times

On November 7, 2002, this particular practitioner was subjected to forced brainwashing. Perpetrators Zhang Xiaodan, Sun Limin and Li Xiujin handcuffed her in the "forced backbend" position until she lost consciousness.

Later she turned in an announcement in which she said her brainwashing was void. The morning of November 10, 2002, perpetrator Li Xiujin and guard Ma Xinxin handcuffed her again in the "forced backbend" position until she lost consciousness.

The third time, in December 2002, perpetrators Zhang Xiaodan, Liu Yadong and guard Lin Wei handcuffed her.

The fourth time, in January 2003, Sun Limin forced her to write "guarantee statements" and handcuffed her until she lost consciousness.

The fifth time, in August 2003, perpetrator Li Xiujin handcuffed her because she refused to watch Dafa-slandering TV programs. Li Xiujin handcuffed her for over 50 minutes and refused to unlock her even when she could not bear the pain. Her legs and feet became dysfunctional because of poor circulation. Even now her hips, legs and feet are still numb, and her feet turn black and blue in cold weather.

The last torture took place on June 1, 2004. Because she refused to write a weekly report, two male guards from the Security Section shocked her with electric batons. Perpetrator Liu Yadong slapped her face and handcuffed her in the backbend position. Her feet have been suffering from poor circulation for over a year now.

The persecution of Ms. Bao Lixia

On May 13, 2002, Falun Dafa Day, five practitioners including Ms. Bao Lixia removed signs at the labor camp that slandered Dafa and Teacher. Guard Zhu Tiehong took them to an office on the first floor and handcuffed them individually. They shocked the practitioners with electric batons and left them in handcuffs for 24 hours.

In mid-July 2002, the labor camp broadcast Dafa-slandering programs on the radio. They handcuffed three practitioners including Ms. Bao Lixia. Encouraged by Zhu Tiehong, guard Zhou Jiahui beat Ms. Bao and then handcuffed her for seven days. In late September 2002, guards Wang Xiurong and Li Xiujin handcuffed Ms. Bao Lixia for 14 days because she refused to wear the prison uniform. After 14 days, division head He Qiang handcuffed her in "forced backbend" position and would not release her until she wrote a guarantee statement.

On November 3, 2002, guards Liu Yadong, Lin Wei, and Gao Jie handcuffed Ms Bao in the "forced backbend" position in order to force her to write a "dissociation statement." Right after the February 2003 Chinese New Year, guards Hong Wei and Zhang Yan handcuffed her in the "forced backbend" position and compelled her to write guarantee statements. On February 26, eight practitioners including Ms. Bao were severely abused: they were handcuffed lying on the concrete ground, with their legs stretched out, for 25 days. Their ankles and fingers swelled up. After being released they all limped and their bodies ached.

Ms. Bao Lixia was also handcuffed for 25 days beginning June 26, 2003, because she refused to complete an assignment that slandered Dafa and Teacher.

Ms. Wang Yuhong cannot take care of herself due to torture

Ms. Wang Yuhong is 37 years old. In late April 2003 she was handcuffed in the "forced backbend" position at Team 9 and was pressured to write guarantee statements. Guard Li Xiujin held a small pair of yellow handcuffs and said to her, "Now write the statements." When she refused, the guard said, "No? Then I'll put you in handcuffs!" Perpetrator Zhang Xiaodan tripped Ms. Wang, making her fall to the floor. Zhang Xiaodan, Sun Limin, Li Xiujin and two inmates handcuffed her to the side of a metal bed. Several minutes later, Li Xiujin told the two inmates to pull on Ms. Wang Yuhong's hands. When they pulled on her hands, the small cuffs cut into her flesh and caused great pain. They pulled her hands once every few minutes.

About 40 minutes later Li Xiujin opened the handcuffs, which again hurt Ms. Wang as the small cuffs had cut deep into the flesh. Li Xiujin said, "Now hurry up and write it." Ms. Wang refused. Li Xiujin and two inmates dragged her back to the metal bed, handcuffed her, and again tried to force her to write guarantee statements. Guard Yu Wenbin said, "I'll open it up if you just nod and say yes." Ms. Wang Yuhong shook her head. Sun Limin said, "If you don't write it, I'll leave and go home." Ms. Wang remained determined.

Another 40 minutes passed before Li Xiujin unlocked her. Two inmates held her hand and signed her name on a blank sheet of paper. Still in great pain, Ms. Wang pulled her hand back and her head hit the floor. Li Xiujin said, "Cuff her." Two inmates handcuffed her to the bed until 9:00 p.m., when she was allowed to go to sleep. Her hands were swollen and black and blue.

In February 2004, Ms. Wang Yuhong was "strictly restrained" at Team 8. She was forced to sit on a stool with her hands on her knees all day long for days on end. During the morning of February 20, the practitioners tore down Dafa-slandering signs on all four walls. Guard Hong Wei hit Ms. Wang on the head with a rubber club three or four times with such brutal force that she saw stars and collapsed to the floor. After the guards changed shifts around 9:00 a.m., the new guards took Ms. Wang to Room 1. Hong Wei and another male guard handcuffed her to the head of the bed. A while later, Hong Wei shocked her face three or four times with 300,000-volt electric batons. They unlocked her at 12:30 p.m.

In the afternoon, guard Sun Limin ordered Ms. Wang to curse Dafa and Teacher and promise to follow labor camp policies, but she refused. Around 2:00 p.m., the guards handcuffed her back onto the bed and told the inmates to move her hands once in a while. They unlocked her after 6 p.m. Then they cuffed one of her hands to the upper bunk and the other hand to the lower bunk. Sometimes they cuffed her hands in front of her and sometimes behind her back. They also forced her to sit on a stool while being cuffed around the clock. Guard Hong Wei told the inmates to monitor Ms. Wang and not let her wash or sleep. They pressured her to admit that she was an inmate and that she would comply with labor camp policies. She refused. They unlocked her after 18 days.

Now Ms. Wang Yuhong cannot take care of herself. She needs assistance with basic needs such as taking a shower and washing her clothes. She cannot raise her left arm. Despite her condition, she is still forced to work and has been threatened with a sentence extension if she doesn't work.

(1) The "forced backbend" is a very painful form of torture in which one arm is forced down the back behind the head and the other hand forced up to meet it from the lower back. The hands are cuffed together to cause unbearable pain.