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Dafa Practitioners Injected With Unknown Drugs in Xi'an Ankang Hospital

April 06, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Xi'an Ank7ang Hospital is a labor camp hospital under the jurisdiction of the public security and legislative department. It is not a place for healing, but rather an evil place where practitioners have been tortured. Many practitioners who have gone on hunger strikes are sent there to be further persecuted. Practitioners who were clearheaded when they arrived were injected with unknown drugs that are used to treat mental illnesses. Afterwards, their minds became unclear and they drooled uncontrollably. At present, there are three practitioners still being tortured there.

Practitioner Mr. Li Zhao from Xi'an city is a retired teacher form the Shanxi Province Advanced Health Institute. He was arrested in mid-December 2004. After he went on a hunger strike to protest his illegal treatment, he was sent to the Xi'an Ankang Hospital. He has been transferred to the Lianhu area detention center.

Li Zhao's wife, practitioner Bai Changling from Xi'an city, was arrested on February 5, 2005. After going on a hunger strike to protest, she was sent to the Xi'an Ankang Hospital, where she has been tortured. She is still on a hunger strike at present.

Practitioner Ms. Li Yanfang from Xi'an city was arrested on January 2, 2005. After going on a hunger strike, she was sent to the Xi'an Ankang Hospital, where she has been tortured.

A male practitioner from Xi'an (name unknown) was arrested around New Year's Day 2005. After he began a hunger strike, he was sent to the Xi'an Ankang Hospital to be further tortured.

In addition, around March 10, 2005, Xi'an practitioners Zhang Jie, Wang Jiali and Wang Huijun were arrested.

Xi'an Ankang Hospital contact information:
Head of office that persecutes Dafa practitioner in Comprehensive Ward Area:
He Jianzhong
Head of Female Ward area: Zha Yingli office phone #: 86-29-85596429