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The Persecution of An Zhenjie's Family by Agents from the 610 Office, the Police Department and the National Security Bureau (Photos)

April 24, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Tangshan City, Hebei Province

(Clearwisdom.net) The home of Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. An Zhenjie and his wife Feng Haijuan has been regularly broken into in the middle of night. The perpetrators include personnel from the 610 Office, the police department and the National Security Bureau in the Fengrun District. The couple and their family have been harassed repeatedly. In January 2003, Mr. An was arrested. Later, he was secretly sentenced to a long prison term and was detained at the Yizhong Prison, Hebei Province. On December 23, 2001, Ms. Feng was tortured with the method "tying the ropes" by officers at the Fengrun District Police Department. Liang Fuxin, the chief of the Political and Security Section, beat her thigh brutally with a mop. As he was beating her, he threatened, "I will pour gasoline on you and burn you alive; or, I could strangle you dead," and put a rope around her neck while saying this. "People would think that you committed suicide. I can also throw you into a male cell."

Mr. An lived at Guzhuangzi Village, in the Fengrun District, Tangshan City. His wife, Ms. Feng, worked at the Granary under the direct jurisdiction of the Food Bureau of the Fengrun District. She is now unemployed. The couple began practicing Falun Dafa in October 1998. After July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin and his followers began persecuting Falun Gong ruthlessly, and the 610 Office was established throughout cities and villages in order to carry out the persecution against Falun Gong and the kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners.

The Yanshan Road Committee members often sent personnel to harass Mr. An's family. They sometimes detained Mr. An at the Village Committee office overnight, tried to force him to write a guarantee statement, confiscated his ID card and otherwise limited his personal freedom. At the end of 1999, carrying out orders from the Fengrun District 610 Office, the Food Bureau director, Cao Zhaolin, and the party secretary Wang Shouguo attempted to force Ms. Feng to write a "guarantee statement." She refused. They used all kinds of methods to pressure her. Party Secretary Fan Xiujun held an employee meeting and told Ms. Feng to make a choice between her job and Falun Gong. He said that Ms. Feng's employment would be terminated if she continued to practice Falun Gong. Fan threatened Ms. Feng, saying that the Food Bureau would terminate her employment and she would only get a very small one-time compensation to support her the rest of her life. Ms. Feng did not give in to any of their maneuvers. The company therefore made Ms. Feng do heavy and dirty physical labor there. They also abolished her Pioneer Worker certificates that had been awarded her in 1999 and 2000. None of these tactics swayed Ms. Feng's mind.

The following are details of the persecution that Mr. An Zhenjie and Ms. Feng Haijuan have experienced.

1. The Couple Is Arrested and Tortured

On December 22, 2001, some time after 8:00 p.m., the police ransacked Mr. An's residence. He was handcuffed and pushed into a police car. More than ten policemen illegally searched the house and yard and made a big mess. They confiscated a cell phone and household items worth 5,000 yuan. Police Chief Dong Ruihe took 18,000 yuan from Ms. Feng's pocket (the money was partially returned later) and didn't give any receipt. Dong Ruihe left only 350 yuan to Ms. Feng's child for living expenses. The police even took the AA batteries Mr. An had recently bought.

Personnel who were involved in this forced entrance and ransacking included Zhang Guoqing (chief of the First Section of the Xin District Police Department), Liang Fuxin (head of Political & Security Section of the Fengrun District Police Department), Zeng Xianghai, and others. They didn't show any search warrant or ID. One of the policemen asked Ms. Feng if she would continue practicing Dafa. She answered yes. The policeman decided to arrest both her and her child. Ms. Feng refused to comply with their unreasonable demands. The child was left alone at home, to be taken care of by relatives later on. At 10:00 p.m. that night, Ms. Feng and her husband were taken to the Political and Security Section. They were interrogated and tortured there. Several policemen covered Mr. An's head with a cloth and ruthlessly beat him. Ms. Feng was put into an iron cage.

The next day, December 23, after 1:00 p.m., several policemen brought Ms. Feng to the Political and Security Section for interrogation. Zeng Xianghai and another man tied Ms. Feng with a rope. The rope went behind her neck and her arms were tied behind her back as well. They forced Ms. Feng to kneel on the floor as one man stepped on her lower legs while pushing her arms upward and tightening the rope. Ms. Feng felt as if her arms were going to break. She couldn't bear the pain. The two policemen didn't let go and instead continued to tighten the rope until Ms. Feng fainted from the excruciating pain.

When Ms. Feng came to, Liang Fuxin began to beat her thigh with a mop. He threatened, "I will pour gasoline on you and burn you alive. Or, I could strangle you dead (he put a rope around her neck while saying this). People would think that you committed suicide. I can also throw you into a male cell." As Liang cursed her with foul words, he beat her. When he became tired, he took off Ms. Feng's shoes. He thrashed her feet and her toes with a bamboo stick. Ms. Feng lost consciousness for the pain. The torture continued until 6:00 p.m. that evening. Ms. Feng was so badly beaten she was unable to walk.

The police officers then took Ms. Feng and Mr. An to the Fengrun District Detention Center. Medical doctors at the detention center checked Ms. Feng's condition. Black and purple bruises were all over her shoulders and feet and she couldn't walk. However, they still put her into a cell.

At the detention center, Ms. Feng started a hunger strike in protest of the unlawful detention and abuse, refusing food or water. The perpetrators then force-fed her. Because Ms. Feng strongly resisted the force-feeding, Wu, the head of the detention center, threw her to the ground. Ms. Feng's head struck the edge of a bed and she immediately lost consciousness and was sent to a hospital.

When Feng Haijuan was brought back from the hospital, the perpetrators continued to force-feed her. The feeding tube was pushed into her stomach through the nose. Ms. Feng became very weak and her heartbeat was very slow. On the 14th day of detention, people from the 610 Office, the police department and the Political and Security Section feared assuming responsibility if Ms. Feng were to die in detention. They demanded bail in the amount of 2,000 yuan from Ms. Feng's family, and her family then carried her home.

Days later, policeman Zeng Xianghai called and told Ms. Feng he would return the money that was confiscated - the 18,000 yuan that was taken during the intrusion into her residence - but they only returned 13, 500 yuan. The rest, 4,500 yuan was gone without a trace. Ms. Feng asked for a receipt for the money. The policemen told her to talk to the 610 Office, but the money was never retrieved.

Mr. An was illegally detained for six months and was ordered to pay 3,000 yuan in bail. In May 2004, Mr. An was temporarily set free and told to await trial. In the short period of half a year, the 610 Office enforcers in the Fengrun District and the police department had extorted a total of 10,000 yuan from Mr. An's family.

2. Forced to Become Homeless

Twenty days after An Zhenjie returned home, Zeng Xianghai from the Political and Security Section once again broke into his home. Zeng planned to detain Mr. An and send him to a labor camp for three years; Mr. An, however wasn't home. After the first intrusion, Zeng again broke into Mr. An's home at night several times in an attempt to catch and harass him. Mr. An left home to avoid being arrested.

When Feng Haijuan had recovered somewhat, she requested to go back to work. Fan Xiujun, the company's Party secretary, claimed that Ms. Feng had yet to recover; he told her she should stay home and rest and wait for the managers' decision. Even after several months, there was still no news from the company. Ms. Feng was later told that the 610 Office had prohibited her from resuming her job. This meant that her family had lost their source of income.

Although Ms. Feng was not fully recovered, people from the Yanshan Road Committee ordered Ms. Feng to go to a brainwashing class and demanded that she pay 800 yuan for her living expenses there. They drove to her home, intending to arrest her. Ms. Feng had to leave home to avoid illegal arrest. Her elderly mother-in-law and a teenage daughter were left at home to depend on each other. A harmonious family was thus tragically torn apart.

In December 2002, policemen from the Political and Security Section in the Fengrun District arrested Ms. Feng outside her hometown. Policeman Zeng Xianghai tied Ms. Feng's hands behind her back with a rope, and tied her two thumbs tightly with a shoelace. Another policeman gagged her with a piece of towel. He covered her head with a thick quilted blanket, to prevent others from hearing her shouts of protest. Ms. Feng almost suffocated under the heavy blanket. That same night they sent Ms. Feng to the Tuanjie Road Police Station and interrogated her. Ms. Feng was forced to sit on a metal chair. The police officers wrapped copper wire around all of her fingers and handcuffed her onto the metal chair. They then electrically shocked her, using electricity produced from a crank telephone. The next day, Ms. Feng was sent to the First Detention Center of Tangshan City.

An Zhenjie was arrested in January, 2003 and detained at the Hehuakeng Labor Camp, Tangshan City. Six months later, he was secretly charged for a severe crime without going through proper legal procedures, and was imprisoned in Team One of Jizhong Prison, Hebei Province.

On July 8, 2003, Zeng Xianghai, who served with the Political and Security Section of the Fengrun District, took Ms. Feng home, together with people from Ms. Feng's village committee. Zeng Xianghai said to Ms. Feng, "Stay home and live a normal life. Don't go out again [to clarify the truth]!" Ms. Feng replied, "My family was separated because of what you have done. You arrested me, beat me and fined me!" Zeng remained silent. During the morning of July 29, Shi Fengfu, deputy head of the Tuanjie Road Police Station, barged into Ms. Feng's home. Ms. Feng wasn't home. They ordered her family to tell Ms. Feng to write a guarantee statement and hand it in at the police station. Ms. Feng did not do as they ordered.

The day before the Mid-autumn Festival, Shi Fengfu and his followers again went to Ms. Feng's home to arrest her. She wasn't home. Shi left some police officers to keep watch, with instructions to report her arrival. Ms. Feng was again forced to leave home to avoid arrest; however, enforcers from the Fengrun District 610 Office, the Tuanjie Police Station, and the police department's National Security Team wouldn't give up. They continued to threaten and harass Ms. Feng's family. Her elderly mother-in-law and teenage daughter lived in constant fear.

3. The Gangster-like Behavior of the National Security Bureau

On the night of January 14, 2004, policemen from the National Security Bureau of the Fengrun District Police Department knocked down part of the west wall of Ms. Feng's yard.

The policemen also broke the door lock.

The broken the door lock.

The policemen kicked the door bolt and broke it.

It was very quiet that night. Policemen from the Fengrun District, the police department, and the National Security Bureau, broke into Ms. Feng's house yet again. They tore down part of the west wall and jumped into the yard. The elderly mother-in-law was home alone. The officers, carrying wooden clubs, kicked the door bolt of the living room until they broke it. They searched through everything in the house and threatened Ms. Feng's mother-in-law, saying that her "attitude wasn't good" and said that they were there to catch her daughter-in-law. The policemen broke the front door lock with a hammer before they left the house. The elderly woman was so frightened that it took her quite some time to come to herself. When she found her senses it was bright daylight; a knife was also left sitting by the window. People who passed by saw the devastation in the house, and they all agreed that these people from the National Security bureau were a nothing but a gang of bandits.

In September 2004, Ms. Feng's work unit laid her off and claimed she would be paid a one-time severance compensation. Ms. Feng's family went to the company to claim the money. The head of the company refused to give them her salary. He explained, "People from the 610 Office told me not to pay Feng Haijuan any salary. If she comes to pick it up, I will have to report her; otherwise, I will be demoted." Ms. Feng's family tried to reason with the head of the company several times. A month later, he finally paid her. However, the company didn't pay any back salary owed to her, amounting to several years' worth.

Persons from the Neighborhood Committee, the District Party Committee deputy secretary Mr. Meng, and Yanshan Road Committee members, six of them altogether, went to Ms. Feng's residence in the afternoon of September 17, 2004. After a while, Shi Fengfu, the Tuanjie Road Police Station chief, went there as well. When they found out Ms. Feng wasn't home they left.

During the night of December 8, after 9:00 p.m., Dong Fucun, the Fengrun District National Security Team leader, and four other people broke into Ms. Feng's residence. Two of the perpetrators climbed over the wall and searched the house. They took all the letters that Ms. Feng's husband had sent home. Dong Fucun said to Ms. Feng's father-in-law, "If Feng Haijuan comes back, I guarantee that I can protect her from being sent to a labor camp."

After 10:00 p.m. on January 13, 2005, Zeng Xianghai and three others once again broke into Ms. Feng's residence. After searching the house, they threatened Ms. Feng's parents-in-law, saying that if they couldn't find Ms. Feng they would make her family have a miserable Chinese New Year. After that, the perpetrators often came and knocked loudly on Ms. Feng's window in the middle of the night to harass the family.

Contact information:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 315)

Fengrun District Yanshan Road Committee Head Office: 312-8224
Deputy Head's Office: 321-3401, 324-1725
Fengrun District Tuanjie Road Police Station Office: 324-1725
Deputy Head: Shi Fengfu
Fengrun District Food Bureau Head: 511-3768, 512-2343, 5123361 (office)
Granary under direct jurisdiction of Fengrun District Food Bureau: 518-2661
Granary Director: Liu Lianmin 136-0337-7085 (cell)
Granary Party Secretary: Fan Xiujun 517-0383
Former Food Bureau Head: Cao Yaolin (retired) 512-4545
Bureau Party Secretary: Wang Shouguo 399-5796
Former Fengrun District Political Security Section Head: Liang Fuxin (now Hancheng Police Station Head) 540-4110 (office)
Fengrun District 610 Office Head: Chen Huiliang 139-3333-8669 (cell), 308-1152 (office)
610 Office Deputy Head: He Airong 135-0325-9108 (cell), 512-9958 (home)
National Security Team Leader: Dong Fucun 138-3298-6066 (cell)
Deputy Team Leader: Zeng Xianghai 137-0334-8641 (cell), 517-9782 (home)
Fengrun District Police Department Deputy Head:
Li Chunyuan (in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong) 138-3298-7098 (cell), 518-8608 (home)
Fengrun District Detention Center: 513-2475, 512-2081