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My Understanding of Cooperation among Practitioners

April 21, 2005 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) As a practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, one should actively take part in everything in Fa-rectification. To cooperate with others is not any individual's business or the business of just a few people. Rather, it requires everyone's attention. To be able to cooperate with fellow practitioners is different from the way a person operates in a managing and be-managed relationship in ordinary society. It is also not a matter of one's team-organizing capability. Every one of us needs to try our best to affect the practitioners that we come in contact with, and bring them into this one body so that no one is left behind.

Activities in Dafa require discussions so that consensuses or common understandings can be achieved, and over-emphasizing one's own position is being irrational. One needs to diligently study the Fa. Only when we base all actions on true understandings of the Fa can we become true Fa-rectification disciples. If our understandings of the Fa are not manifested in our behavior, then things are only academic.

Cooperating with fellow practitioners encompasses many areas. In order for the group to operate smoothly, it is important that Fa-study groups be organized, so that people can elevate their understandings based on the Fa. The role of each practitioner must be clearly established. We should cherish our predestined relationships among fellow practitioners and not cloud our judgment with personal emotions.

Below is an episode that talks about the problems caused by poor cooperation between practitioners while working on Dafa materials. I am reporting this so that we can pay attention to the issue and work to improve ourselves in this regard.

Once we went out to post Dafa fliers, and it takes a team of two to do the job. I assigned two slower-paced practitioners to a team, and it turned out that the two could not work well together. One wanted to evade passers-by while posting fliers and the other did not. Each had their own opinions in choosing spots for posting and did not want to accept the other person's choices. Both of them ended up very upset, coming home with some fliers left unposted. The younger practitioner began crying as soon as she saw me and complained about my putting them together.

I felt a bit disturbed that they were both so upset, and told them that they were making the evil happy by acting the way they did. The two immediately realized the problem. A few days later they requested to be assigned together again when we went out to distribute materials, and they said that nothing like last time would happen any more. We were all very happy to see that they knew how to look inward for their own deficiencies.