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Mr. Sun Finds His Way Out of a Desperate Situation by Studying Falun Dafa

April 17, 2005 |   By a practitioner in Mainland China


In the autumn of 2004, Liaonan Island in Liaoning Province had a flood. The crops that were to be harvested were under water as deep as the height of a person's shoulder. The water had an unbearably foul-smelling, fetid odor. This particular field produced grain for villagers' own use, and each person had a claim to one Chinese acre of the field's production. Everyone in the entire village went into the water to fish out what corn cobs they could, and many people were immersed all day long in the foul water.

Mrs. Sun found it very difficult to bend over as she had spinal problems and even found it difficult to walk. Mr. Sun had had tuberculosis since he was 17 years old and also suffered from an anal fistula. Mr. Sun was a farmer, but when he had to go into the dirty water to save the crops, one leg became infected. The entire leg gradually became inflamed and then turned dark purple. It abscessed and swelled horribly. It was so unbearably painful that Mr. Sun could not take care of himself. His wife, who had an illness herself, had to take care of him.

Then Mr. Sun's infected leg started to decompose at his ankle, and the bone on his leg was exposed. They had to take 1,600 yuan that they had obtained from selling their two pigs to go to the hospital. Doctors said that he would not live unless he was hospitalized and his leg amputated, but the operation would cost 100, 000 yuan!

They didn't have the money, and Mr. Sun could not work any more if his leg was amputated. What would they live on? They could only go home and wait for death. At this desperate time, a Falun Gong practitioner in their neighborhood came to tell him to practice Falun Dafa, to read the truth-clarifying materials, to recite "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is Good" sincerely in his heart, and then things would improve.

Mr. Sun didn't believe it, but at that desperate time in his life, he thought, "Why don't I give it a try?" He took a copy of a truth brochure "Unexpectedly Find A Way out of A Desperate Situation." When he saw in the index, "had Tuberculosis at the age of 4...," he attentively began to read, and without realizing it, he forgot about his leg pain. After reading the first pamphlet, he read other materials. The more he read, the more he wanted to read. The pains in his leg were greatly relieved, and Mr. Sun started to feel that now his life had hope. Afterward, Mr. Sun asked his wife to get more truth-clarifying materials for him, and he lay in bed to read them. From these materials, Mr. Sun found the things that he had been looking for and realized that only the practice of Falun Dafa could save him. After reading the materials, Mr. Sun's leg started to have circulation again and wasn't as painful anymore. His leg changed from black to red, and the festering areas started to contract. Two weeks later he could get out of bed and walk with a stick and take care of himself again.

Mr. Sun personally experienced a miracle of Falun Dafa. He started to study the Fa and cultivate. After he read Zhuan Falun just once, his leg totally recovered, and his health was even better than before. He could do any kind of work and also was in a very happy mood.

Mr. Sun said with appreciation, "Dafa is really wonderful! It is Master Li that helped me cure my leg. I used to strongly oppose Dafa and defame it, because I was poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang Zemin."

When Mrs. Sun saw her husband's leg recover so miraculously, she also started to study Falun Dafa. The elderly couple set out together on the path of cultivation.

Written on April 2, 2005