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The Fa is the Sole Standard

March 06, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) Some disciples always look at others to compare how they, themselves, are doing, when in reality, Dafa is the only guide.

Cultivation practice is something that should be properly grounded, as well as something very serious. If we only look to others in our cultivation practice, it will create obstructions, hindering our cultivation practice. There are many examples and lessons of this. Since we still have human notions in our cultivation practice, if we all learn from a fellow practitioner rather than follow the Fa, then that person could develop attachments based on this. The evil old forces could then use the more serious cases to interfere with our cultivation practice and with the Fa rectification. Some practitioners are doing certain things, without being clear as to why they are doing these things. Following them could lead us down the wrong road. The lessons of this are very important and should be deeply learned.

The Fa is the sole standard. At any point in time, we should put the Fa first. We cannot add in our human understandings to guide our cultivation practice. To do better in our Fa-rectification work, we only have the Fa to guide us. The Fa is the only guide. We need to calm our hearts. We also need to let go of our attachment to validating ourselves instead of validating Dafa, in order to truly be able to understand the inner meanings of the Fa principles.

February 18, 2005