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Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Dong Yuying from Lutai Town, Ninghe County, Tianjin City Died from the Persecution

March 27, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

Practitioner Ms. Dong Yuying was from Lutai Town, Ninghe County, Tianjin City. In 2001, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor, and was tortured repeatedly in Tianjin Women's Labor Camp. Ms. Dong died on March 17, 2005.

Ms. Dong Yuying, 50 years old, used to suffer from an unusual illness for more than ten years. She spent a fortune seeking a cure, but to no avail. However, ever since she started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, her illness was gone. Dong Yuying became very energetic, and was very grateful for Master Li's great compassion.

After Falun Dafa was being persecuted in 1999, Ms. Dong Yuying went to Beijing to validate the Fa. She had been illegally arrested and fined many times by the police. In January 2001, Ms. Dong was sentenced to three years of forced labor for refusing to write the three statements. She was brutally tortured in Tianjin Women's Labor Camp.

One day at the end of 2003, in front of everyone, Ms. Dong Yuying tore apart a banner that slandered Master. The Division Head Li and two other uniformed guards dragged her into a small room, beat her, and shocked her with an electric baton. Guards Gao Huachao (gender unknown) and Liu Lixia (female) found several big and strong inmates wearing leather boots, and ordered them to punch and kick Ms. Dong. They kicked her pubic area particularly hard, and she suffered excruciating pain. Ms. Dong could not stand up straight for many days afterwards.

The guards extended Dong Yuying's sentence. From January 20 to September 23, 2004, Ms. Dong Yuying went on a hunger strike for 246 days to protest the persecution and her mistreatment; she lost 90 lbs. and weighed only 85 lbs. The guards said, "Don't you think about dying! We want you to live in this hell." Three to four of her front teeth were broken off when the perpetrators pried her mouth open when she was force-fed.

Ms. Dong Yuying was very persistent in doing the Falun Dafa exercises. Even when her life was in danger after eight months of being on a hunger strike, the guards beat her viciously. Her body was covered with bruises. Guard Guo Ling (female) taped Ms. Dong's mouth and tied her on a bed in a spread eagle position. Sometimes, a group of inmates would drag her down to the floor and beat her until she passed out on the floor overnight.

On September 1, 2004, Dong Yuying fainted when her family visited her. Her family requested her release. The guards said, "She is not sick, her blood pressure and heart rate are normal. She is faking it." Camp Director Hao Demin (female) said, "Her life is not in danger. I am fully responsible if she dies."

Ms. Dong Yuying became mentally unstable after being tortured so severely. She was finally released in November 2004. However, Ms. Dong was very depressed after returning home, and passed away on March 17, 2005.