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Reenactments of the Ruthless Torture Methods Used at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp (Photos)

March 23, 2005 |  


The following accounts describe some of the torture methods used against Falun Gong practitioners in the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, Hebei Province. The accounts are re-constructed from descriptions by survivors who have undergone the torture themselves.

Two or three kilometers away from the labor camp is a cemetery. A small river runs by the cemetery. One night, around 8 or 9 p.m., a female Falun Gong practitioner was forcefully taken by guards to the cemetery and tied to a tree. A set of earphones playing eerie, ghostly music filled with screams and terror was fixed to her ears, and she was left alone in the cemetery for an hour. When the policemen returned, they demanded that she renounce Falun Gong. The determined practitioner refused. As a result, the guards beat her and took her to the riverside. The guards threatened to drown her. However, upon witnessing the resolute will of the practitioner who would not give up her belief, they brutally beat her once again.

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Some practitioners choose to go on hunger strike to protest the persecution in the labor camp. As a result they are electro-shocked by the guards. The guards wrap the copper wire of an old-fashioned rotary phone around the toes of the practitioner. Then they turn the crank, applying strong electric shocks to the practitioner's body. The practitioner's entire body has muscle spasms and jerks up and down violently. Two criminal inmates then step on the practitioner. One practitioner was subjected to this torture from around 7 p.m. until midnight.. Whenever the guards get tired of this, they beat the practitioner ruthlessly with electric batons.

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In order to protest the persecution, a practitioner went on hunger strike. The guards force-fed the practitioner with feces. The practitioner's jaws were pried open by a guard with the help of a criminal inmate.

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One night, around 8 or 9 p.m., three inmates were instigated by the guards to forcefully drag some practitioners to the washroom. They dipped a stick in feces and then rubbed it on practitioners' faces and even inserted it in their mouths. Soiled sanitary napkins were also shoved into practitioners' mouths. There was absolutely no sense of humanity at all. Practitioners got nauseous and vomit non-stop, but were still not permitted to wash out their mouths.

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Practitioners who go on hunger strike are handcuffed onto the legs of metal bunk beds for as long as 5 days. They are not even allowed to go to the toilet. The room is thus filled with the foul odor of urine and feces. This long-term torture causes practitioners' legs to swell.

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(The above accounts are reconstructed to show the torture methods used against Falun Gong practitioners. Some apparatus were constructed later.)