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A Veteran Policeman: "The Self-immolation Incident Was Faked"

February 08, 2005 |   By practitioners in China


A Veteran Policeman: "The Self-immolation Incident Was Faked"

While talking about the truth of Falun Gong to one of my relatives, a veteran policeman who just finished his service with the Beijing Police Force, told me, "The Chinese Communist Party is truly very dark. Whenever there was any conflict in my troop, the only solution was to fight and beat each other. Veteran police officers beating or extorting money from newer officers is regarded as a very normal thing. During the Chinese New Year of 2004, Falun Gong banners and flyers were hung or posted in our headquarters compound. The chief officers ordered that three layers of sentries be stationed around the police headquarters. The officers posted on the two outermost perimeters were dressed in plainclothes while police on the inside perimeter were in uniform. Police sentries were posted 24 hours a day during the entire first month of the new year. They were responsible for questioning all visitors and police officers, in order to catch Falun Gong practitioners."

He also said, "Sentries in Tiananmen Square were set up in the same way. Three circles of sentries were stationed. The police officers stationed on the outside and inside perimeters were uniformed, while officers in the middle were dressed in plainclothes. The number of policemen in plainclothes exceeded the numbers of visitors on the Square every day. It would be absolutely impossible for a person to have enough time to sit down, get into the lotus position [both legs crossed, one on top of the other], pour gasoline on oneself, then drink gasoline. They would not have the time or opportunity to act in this way on Tiananmen Square because as soon as they sat down, 7 or 8 plainclothes policemen would have appeared in front of them and dragged them to police cars. Those people who looked honest and well behaved were unable to pass the second perimeter of sentries. Police officers who have served as sentries on Tiananmen Square don't need to have the truth [of the self-immolation incident] explained to them; being aware of how sentries are arranged by their superior officers, they all understand that the self-immolation was faked."

Former 610 Office Staff Member: "I Believe You, Not Them"

One day, I met a former staff member of the 610 Office on a bus in Guangzhou. After I greeted him, he told me that he had left his position at the 610 Office. He said, "I believe you, not them." I was very happy that he was able to understand the truth of Falun Gong.

A Staff Member of the Section of Public Security Protects Falun Dafa Books

After July 1999, when Jiang's regime started its brutal persecution of Falun Gong, a staff member from the Section of Public Security in Panjing City, under pressure from his superior officers, went to a practitioner's home to search his personal belongs. He found many Dafa books. The practitioner told him, "These books are very precious. You can't take them away." This staff member told the practitioner in private, "I'll keep these books temporarily. I'll protect them for you and return them to you later."

Later on, when the practitioner met the staff member again, he asked, "Where are those books?" The staff member said, "They are in my home. Would you please come to my house to retrieve them?"

The practitioner went to the staff member's home. His wife warmly welcomed the practitioner and returned all the Dafa books to him without any loss or damage.