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Jilin Prison's Condition for Medical Parole: One Has to Be within Days of Death before Returning Home

February 15, 2005 |   By Falun Dafa practitioners in Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Changde from Changchun City was not able to take care of himself after extensive torture and abuse at the Jilin No. 2 Prison. His weight dropped from 200 pounds to around 140 pounds. His family had asked the prison officials to release him on a medical parole. Zhang Yong, a prison officer, said, "There are only two ways to obtain a medical parole. One is that you have a lot of money. We can do it even if there is no illness. The other is that the prisoner has only a few days to live. These are the prerequisites for a medical parole."

Mr. Sun Changde has been held in Ward No. 9 at the Jilin Prison for four years. He developed pneumonia in 2003 as a result of abuse. His eyesight was failing, and he also suffered from anemia and protrusion of the lumbar vertebrae. He could not walk unless others supported him, and once he passed out in the restroom.

Police Took Possession of Medical Examination Payment

On December 16, 2004, prison officers called Mr. Sun's home asking for money for his medical examination. The next day Mr. Sun's family members came to the prison. They did not see him until 3:00 p.m. They told him that they could not come up with enough money for his medical exam. All they had was 200 yuan, and later they borrowed 200 more from a friend.

Mr. Sun's family went to the prison and handed the 400 yuan to a female officer, telling her that the money was to be used for Mr. Sun's medical examination only and not for anything else. On January 8 they asked a friend to send in another 400 yuan, which was submitted to Zhang Yong. That night, the family called Mr. Sun in the ward and learned that he was never given any medical examination.

On January 10, Mr. Sun's family went to the prison meeting room again. Prison officer Zhang Yong asked them to whom they had turned in the initial 400 yuan. They told him and learned that their initial 400 yuan had not been deposited. A section director asked them to point out the officer who took the money. They immediately recognized the female officer, but she denied having accepted any money. It was quite apparent that she had pocketed the money.

The Jilin Prison is notorious for its inhumane treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners. In broad daylight and before witnesses, this officer dared to lie about keeping the life-saving payment from Mr. Sun's family.

Relevant telephone numbers:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 432)

Street address of Jilin Prison in Jilin Province: No. 100 Junmin Road, postal code: 132012
Mailing address of Jilin Prison: P. O. Box No. 315, Jilin City, postal code: 132012
Main telephone numbers of Jilin Prison: 4881551
Prison Affairs Section: 2409418
Procuratorate office in the prison: 4881515; fax: 4881559
Secretarial section: 4881559
Officials and officers at the prison (current):
Li Qiang, warden
Liu Wei, newly appointed commissar
Li Zhuang, newly appointed head of the education section
Li Yongsheng, Wang Chunyuan, officers at the education section

Country code: 86; area code: 431

Jilin Prison Administration Bureau in Jilin Province: 46-1 Xinfa Road, Changchun City, postal code: 130061
Telephone number of appeals office: 2750074
Office of the bureau chief: 2750001
Xu, Party secretary: 2750003
Yu De, division head: 2750018
Administration Division: 2750062

Officials at the Jilin Provincial Prison Administration Bureau

Li Wencai, bureau chief: 2750002, 2763556 (home)
Zhang Zhensu, deputy chief: 2750004, 7919580 (home)
Yu Guangsheng, deputy chief: 2750005, 8586398 (home)
Xu Fumin, deputy chief: 2750006, 2744928 (home)
Zhao Xiande, deputy chief: 2750007, 2707063 (home)

Officials at the Jilin Province Justice Department

Zhu Guozhi, director of the justice department: 2750001, 2750020, 8969266 (home)
Feng Mingfang, deputy director: 2750199, 2750169, 2700185 (home)
Li Zhenyu, deputy director: 2750185, 2750205, 7630589 (home)
Lu Jun, deputy director: 2750181, 2750208, 8588638 (home)
Ju Wanzhou, deputy director: 2750209, 2750189, 8977918 (home)

January 5, 2005