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Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province Tortures Practitioners, Causing One Death and Severe Injury to Others

December 09, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) There are over 100 Falun Gong practitioners being detained in Hulan Prison, Heilongjiang Province. They are forced to work extremely long hours, which badly damages their health and mental state. Mr. Liu Yu, a practitioner from Baicheng Town, Jilin Province, was arrested in Harbin and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. He was forced to attend brainwashing sessions and developed a serious case of TB. Despite that, he was forced to labor like the others. If he did not, the police would beat him severely. Under such torment, he died on April 7, 2005.

Recently, Hulan Prison has intensified its persecution of practitioners who refuse to sign papers denouncing Falun Gong. In order to block this information, they haven't allowed any visits from practitioners' families since October. They have said, "No "transformation," no visit."

At one o'clock on November 2, 2005, Qiao Fulin, a guard in the Fourth Team, told practitioner Mr. Li Dajie to make car seat pads. Because Mr. Li didn't work fast enough, Qiao beat Mr. Li so severely that he had to be sent to the emergency room for medical treatment the next day. His blood pressure rose to 190 over 110. The hospital used drugs to reduce his blood pressure. As of his last communiqué, he still couldn't take in food.

Police guards Liu Kai and Wang Jian relish beating practitioners, claiming, "If you do not work overtime, we will break your legs." Practitioners detained in the Fourth Team have to work 15 hours a day in summer and 12 hours a day in the winter.

The Fifth Section in Hulan Prison is also one of the units that severely persecutes practitioners. In the two sub-sections of that section, there are nine practitioners. From April to October of this year, three practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Among them, Mr. Sun Zhaomin maintained the hunger strike for half a year. At around 3 o'clock on the afternoon of September 20, one guard and two inmates, two taking Sun by his arms and one carrying his feet, started to take him to the hospital to force-feed him. After a few steps, they dropped his legs and just dragged him by the arms to the hospital. Mr. Sun used to weigh 160 pounds, but he is now literally a skeleton.

After practitioner Mr. Liu Zhigui was detained in the No. 1 sub-section of the Fifth Section in March, the guards forced him to sign repentance letters by means of severe torture. They beat him and made him stand facing the wall for long hours. They also assigned inmates to watch and follow him, limiting his freedom of movement. They do not allow him to see any visitors, imposing spiritual torment on top of physical torture. On November 16, Mr. Liu could hardly breathe, his blood pressure dropped, and his pulse was faint. He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Many people in Hulan Prison, including the chief officer, the political commissar, the officers in charge of each section, and the political instructors, all play an evil part in the persecution of practitioners detained there. In addition, the officers in charge of "the Falun Gong issue" in the Education and Reform Office take an active role. They send firm practitioners to the "Intensive Team" for torture. Some of the practitioners are tied to the iron chair or iron bed for 20 days at a stretch. In September, practitioner Zhang Guangli from Harbin was in a coma for seven days and nights due to the persecution. Qi Fengchen from Acheng City is also in a coma due to the persecution.

Forty-nine-year old practitioner Qian Houmin from Daqing was arrested in April 2002 in Zhaodong City. He was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. In October, he was sent to Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province. Recently, because he shared experiences with other practitioners, he was severely beaten by the police and couldn't walk. Now he has lost the ability to take care of himself.

In 2003 and 2004 when Hulan Prison carried out a wave of brainwashing, guards Qin Dianjun and Min Huiguang ordered inmates to throw practitioner Mr. Xie Yi against a wall. Mr. Xie's head struck the wall and he lost consciousness. He received 12 stitches for his wound. Several inmates beat practitioner Sun Hongquan in turn in the hot water house for a whole night and Sun passed out several times.

In the prison systems of Heilongjiang Province, practitioners are detained mostly in eight prisons. Among those prisons, Hulan Prison and Harbin Prison carry out the most ferocious brainwashing and persecution. They employ all sorts of physical torture and abuse. The "Intensive Section" in Harbin Prison, the First Section and the Ninth Section have all persecuted practitioners to death. The practitioners detained in the Harbin Prisons have now been transferred to other prisons in the province.

Hulan Prison of Heilongjiang Province
Address: P.O. Box 903, Yaobao Township, Hulan District, Harbin City. Zip Code: 150521
Telephone: 86-451-537307719,
Discipline Inspection Office: 86-451-57307738
Inspection Office: 86-451-57307739, 86-451-57307703

Sun Kaiwen, head of the prison: 86-451-57307303
Deputy Commander: 86-451-57304313
Political Office in Prison: 86-451-57307738
Chen Weiqiang, male, 38 years old, from the "Education and Reform Office" (Office in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong): 86-13136764116 (Cell)
The Ninth Section (Team): 86-451-57307709

Li Gang, male, Chief Officer of the Section
Liu Kai, political instructor of the First Team: 86-451-57307105
The First Sub-section of the Fifth Section: 86-451-57307705
Intensive Section: 86-451-57304713

Zhang Hongliang, head of the team: 86-13945655065 (Cell),
Zhang Fengyi, Political Instructor and the head of the team
Wang Lianyun, deputy political instructor
Police guards Xu Wenlong and Zhao Jun: 86-13303645557 (Cell)
Long Zhongming, Chen Dongqing, Xu Mouye, Sun Zhangjian

The Second Section:
Min Huiguang, political instructor
Qing Dianjun, former deputy political instructor
Liu Jianwei, deputy political instructor
Lang Zhaoyi, chief officer of production Team

The First Sub-Section:
He Dechun, political instructor
Dai Gonghui, Min Huiguang, and Jin Shi'e, prison guards
Xiao Baidong, deputy chief of the 15th Team: 86-13074509511(Cell)
Telephone of the 15th Section: 86-451-57307715