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Summary of Other Articles and News - November 24, 2005

December 08, 2005 |  


Facts of the Persecution

1. Persecution Facts at Shengli Petroleum Field in Shandong Province

Recently, three brainwashing centers at the Shengli Oil Field (Resource Company, Transportation Company and Collecting Company) are filled with Falun Dafa practitioners who were secretly arrested. On the morning of November 9, 2005, Mr. Li Xiaodong was illegally arrested from his home, and his home was ransacked. Mr. Zhou Baoshun, from the Eighth Branch of the Shengli Oil Field, was again sentenced to forced labor. The 610 Office affiliated with the oil field has been targeting Falun Gong and deceiving people using all sorts of means. Recently they worked on a poster display that slanders Falun Dafa.


2. Ms. Zhang Ping from Lanzhou City Detained More Than Four Months

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Ping, 36, is from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. She became homeless so as to avoid being arrested at home. In June 2005, she was reported and arrested. She was detained in Hualinping Second Detention Center in Lanzhou City. Her family was never notified. The police took her bank card with a balance of over 30,000 yuan when they body searched her. She has been detained more than four months. Her mother, Long Lianqiu, also a practitioner, did not know of her whereabouts and was very worried about her. The police from Jingyuan Street Station often came to her door to threaten her. She died on September 11, 2005.


3. Persecution Crimes Committed by Police from Xinle City, Hebei Province

On October 29, 2005, the police from Xinle City arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Du Erxing and took him to the Daliu Police Department. They cuffed him to a tree in the yard for an entire day and ransacked his home. The police took away his daughter's TV and VCD player without showing any warrants. They tried to extort 5,000 yuan from his family. His family members, who are non-practitioners, were coerced to bribe officials with 3,500 yuan to have him released.