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Alabama (USA): Falun Dafa Workshop Held at Auburn University (Photos)

December 08, 2005 |   By an Alabama Falun Dafa practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) Located in a small city in Eastern Alabama, Auburn University is one of the largest universities in the South. It is also a public state university, as is the University of Alabama. On a warm day in late autumn, when red leaves still hung from the maple trees, Falun Dafa practitioners brought their message to this oasis of the south.

Learning the first exercise: Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands

The Falun Dafa workshop was initiated by practitioners from Huntsville, Alabama. A local practitioner at Auburn University contacted the school to reserve the room and contacted local media to publicize the information.

On the day of the workshop, practitioners from Huntsville and Tennessee drove over four hours to Auburn. The workshop began at 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday, and the attendees had a memorable experience.

A martial arts teacher brought his students to the workshop. The teacher once won the championship in an American martial art contest. Everyone enjoyed the workshop. One new student said he felt very relaxed. Another said he felt the good energy.

Jon has studied martial arts for 15 years

After the workshop, Jon sent the following email:

I work third shift and only had two hours of sleep before I came there. I almost did not come to the class. To the point, I enjoyed the exercises today. I have been studying martial arts

for fifteen years now and I know there is something missing. I have been learning what is classified as a hard style and that is only one side of it. I hope that the exercises that we were taught in the class will help complete what I have been missing. I will keep trying...