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Persecution Cases of Practitioners at the Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Hubei Province

December 08, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Newly arrested practitioners arriving at the Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, are initially isolated. The authorities then order criminal inmates to watch the newcomer to prevent him from understanding the prison's real situation. At the same time they find collaborators to argue with the practitioners incessantly and unreasonably. After a period of time, if the practitioner does not compromise, the prison guards take turns talking with him and cursing Dafa. They do not allow him to rest. During the day, the practitioner is forced to do heavy labor and at night he is forced to study whatever the prison authorities require. The newcomer can only rest for two or three hours per day. If he still refuses to cooperate, the guards beat him at the work site and torture him in various ways.

The following are some instances of persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Practitioner Mr. Chen Qiji from Jingmen County, Hubei Province, currently suffers from many illnesses due to the torture he has experienced in the Fanjiatai Prison. A doctor's diagnosis showed that he suffers from high blood pressure, an enlarged heart and an adrenal gland tumor. His health is extremely precarious, and he could die at any time.

In June 2004, 54-year-old practitioner Mr. Liu Qingshui from Wuhan City was beaten several times by a criminal inmate named Ma Jiayan, who was ordered to watch him. Mr. Liu refused to cooperate. Prison Warden Liu Muyang personally ordered criminal prisoners Li Guangming and Ma Jiayan to strip off Mr. Liu's clothes and force him to wear the prison uniform. Mr. Liu was repeatedly dragged to the brickfield and forced to do highly intense labor. Since he did not cooperate in the brickfield, the criminals heavily loaded his chest and back with bricks and forced him to stand up. Mr. Liu was also beaten many times and his back was injured as a result. Afterwards he had to use his hands to hold his back when walking for a long time. The prison guards who participated in the persecution included division chief Xiao Tianbo, instructor Xiong Zuguo, instructor assistant Wang Qingyi, and Zhang Jianguo. The criminals included Ma Jiayan and Fa Yaoping, whose sentence is over ten years.

Practitioner Mr. Yu Ganghai, 58, has kept cultivating firmly since he arrived at the Fanjiatai Prison in January 2003. The prison guards have been taking turns torturing and cursing him until early in the morning. During the night he has been forced to stand in an army posture alone for periods of over one hour. The guards didn't allow him to talk to others. One day at noon Mr. Yu just dozed off. As a result he was kicked and beaten severely. In July 2004, criminal inmate Li Bing tortured Mr. Yu in various ways. In the morning Li refused to let Mr. Yu eat his breakfast and at noon he didn't allow Mr. Yu to rest. On top of all this, Mr. Yu was forced to do a lot of work every day, but he could not endure it all. When he was sent back to the second floor where his cell was located, he had to use his hands to help himself get upstairs.

Some of the Fanjiatai Prison personnel are listed below:
Liu Muyang, male, warden
Li Zhengliang, male, deputy director of the prison and in charge of persecution
Wang Xiongjie, male, over 30 years old
Xiong Zuguo, over 40 years old (his wife works at the Shayang Female Forced Labor Camp)
Xiao Tianbo, male, over 30 years old
Zu Jian, male, over 20 years old
Wang Qingyi, over 40 years old
Zhang Jianguo, male, over 40 years old
Zhang Shujun, male, over 30 years old
Shen Jianjun, male, over 30 years old and in charge of "transforming" practitioners
Duan Yu, male, over 30 years old, head of the sub-prison
Shi Yidang, male, prison doctor

November 18, 2005