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The Torture and Persecution I Experienced at the Jiamusi Labor Camp

December 06, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I was arrested while distributing materials about the truth of Falun Gong in December 2002. On January 6, 2003, the public security sub-bureau of Jiamusi suburb sent me and nine other practitioners to the local labor camp without any legal procedure.

Upon our arrival at the labor camp, the vice team leader Zhang Xiaodan swore fiercely at us in the corridor. When she was tired, she ordered officers to body search us. Another team leader, Liu Yadong, forced us to undress in the cold December weather and they even searched our underwear. When they found practitioners Kou Weixiang and Dai Lixia carrying Dafa articles, Liu Yadong immediately rushed up and kicked and beat them up while swearing at them.

Then Zhang Xiaodian shouted: "Any one have heart disease? I'll take you to see the doctor." Actually she was trying to trick us into going to a place to be tortured. We were led into dorms on the first floor, in which there were collaborators awaiting us. These people surrounded me and persuaded me to write statements to betray Dafa, but I told them I would never do such a thing. Liu Yadong and Zhang Xiaodan came there and asked: "Will she write the statements? If not, handcuff her." Then some of them pressed me on the bed, and wrested one of my arms under the side of bed to my back and the other arm up from my shoulder. Then they kept me in this position and handcuffed the wrists tightly. The handcuff cut into my muscle and I suffered painfully. This was the first time I was handcuffed in such a position.

The second time was in March. Because the police knew we were not brainwashed, they tried to force us to write the statements again. One of their methods was to handcuff us as described above one batch after another. A lot of fellow practitioners were severely injured this way and had their physical and mental health harmed considerably.

When it was my turn, the team leader Hong Wei asked me: "Will you write?" "I won't," I replied. Hong and some detainees rushed up and pressed me onto a bed. Then they handcuffed me in the same way as the last time. I almost fainted and wanted to vomit. After that my right arm would hurt whenever I exerted a bit of force. Policeman Jiang Jianan still ordered us to work for the labor camp no matter how injured we were. He threatened to extend our terms if we refused to work. My right arm didn't recover for over a year.

The third time was when we were forced to sit on small ridged stools from day to night because we refused to shout the slogans of the CCP. The police didn't allow us to say anything and let the detainees monitor us. We kept clarifying the truth to the police and told them that the persecution was wrong and we should not shout the slogans because we were not criminals. But they refused to listen to us. The general team leader, He Qiang, wrote down the slogan to slander our Master by himself and put it on the wall of a classroom and let us read. We could not bear such a vicious slander of our Master and tore it down. He Qiang immediately called over 10 guards headed by Wang Tiejun and all of them carried electric shock batons. These guards kicked and beat the Dafa practitioners and shocked them with the batons. Sixty-eight-year-old Zhang Lingde had a large blister on her face caused by electrical shock, and it is still visible now. Li Shumei and Zhang Cunzhi were hurt so badly they suffered incontinence of bowel and bladder. Even under these circumstances, Hong Wei continued to shock their bodies.

Guard Wang Tiejun seized me by the hair, pulled me to a dorm and handcuffed me to a bed. Zhang Xiaodan stopped him and said he should handcuff me in the more painful position described above. After they handcuffed me that way for a while, they put us into the classroom and handcuffed us together on a bed. Six of us were handcuffed by the sides of that iron bed, and our wrists were twisted tighter whenever the iron bed moved. All our weight fell on the handcuff and it was extremely painful.

The torment continued until the police had lunch. When they opened our handcuffs, Hong Wei said it was to give us some leniency as instructed by some leader. A female warden named Sun Limin forced us to read the slogans slandering our Master and, if we refused, they would handcuff us again. After that torture session, my arms were half disabled and it hurt so much that I couldn't get to sleep at night. Even after one year, I often feel pain in my left arm, and the wound from the handcuff on the back of my right hand is still there.