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Police in Jinchang District, Jansu Province Persecute Practitioners

December 03, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the persecution of Falun Dafa started six years ago, almost one hundred practitioners in Jinchang Area, Gansu Province have been arrested, illegally sentenced to imprisonment and sent to forced labor camps.

List of names of Falun Dafa practitioners who were illegally sentenced to imprisonment since 2002:

Li Guiying (sentenced to 13 years imprisonment),
Fu Guiqin (5 years),
Ma Zhigang (12 years),
Dan Siyuan (13 years),
Cong Jinxia (11 years),
Fan Yucheng (12 years),
Zhu Lanxiu (4 years),
Li Dexiang (5 years),
Zhao Fenglian (unknown),
An Zhanfeng (10 years),
Hao Jun (7 years),
Gong Yuehua (2 years),
Wang Ailing (7 and a half years),
He Bingying (3 years),
Wang Yuhong (3 years),
Gao Jiyin (5 years),
Guo Hong (13 years),
Wei Anyue (10 years),
Zhang Yonglong (7 years),
Yue Peifu,
Zhang Yanyong,
Qin Dewu,
Chu Dayi,
Li Changfeng,
Hu Shangxue (between 7 to 12 years)

Some facts about the persecution in the Jinchang Area:

Case 1

Brainwashing sessions were held by the firemen's team of the security bureau of Jinchuang Group in Gansu Province (the sessions were transferred to the company's centre for quitting smoking). From March 3, 2000 to November 16, 2000, they illegally detained eighteen practitioners. They were:

Ma Yuefen, Yang Xiaochuan, Li Bo, Liu Zheng, Wei Anyue, Zhang Yonglong, An Hongquan, Guo Hong, Wang Yue'e, Yang Xiufang, Liu Roulan, Liu Zhiping, Wei Xiulan, Wei Xiufen, Su Jianjun, Mao Wei, Xie Ketong, Ma Zhigang.

Amongst them, most of them were subsequently illegally sent for forced labor or sentenced to imprisonment. Ma Yuefen and Yang Xiaochuan were sentenced to 3 years of forced labor from March 2002 to March 2005. After their imprisonment term ended, they were fired without cause by the Jinchuan Group. Li Bo was later sent to forced labor in Shandong. Since 2001, he has been forced to go from place to place, homeless, to avoid the persecution.

Case 2

On Falun Dafa Day in 2002, in Jinchang City, Falun Dafa practitioners widely distributed truth-clarifying materials. The authorities arrested people in a frenzy. Around over 30 practitioners in Jinchang City were arrested. They were Ma Yuefen, Ma Zhigang, An Zhanfeng, Qin Dewu, Yang Xiaochuan, Wang Jinping, Zhang Yonglong, Cao Heping, Liu Guiju, Wang Yumei, Guo Hong, Bai Shufang, Sun Ailing, Chen Ligao, Zhao Peiwen, Yang Xiufang, An Hongquan.

On June 18, 2002, twelve practitioners were sentenced to forced labor (one of them was monitored out of the forced labor camp) and later sentenced to imprisonment. They included Guo Hong, Fan Yucheng, An Zhanfeng, Qin Dewu, Zhang Yonglong and others.

During the same period, there were 30-40 practitioners arrested in Yongchang County and Hexibao Town. They were detained in the centre to quit smoking and detention centre in Yongchang County. Those who were later sentenced to imprisonment include Yue Peifu, Zhang Yanyong, Qin Dewu, Chu Dayi, Li Changfeng, Hu Shangxue, Wang Zefang's sister, and others. They were given jail sentences ranging from 7 years to 12 years. There were fourteen practitioners sentenced to forced labor. They were Ru Xianglan, Kang Yuxia, Qu Yonghua, Xiao Yunian, Wang Zefang, Yan Boren, Chen Xuzhong, Mao Peifu, Wang Yufu, Shen Fulian, Kang Wanshou, Mr. Li, Mr. Ke, and others. Most of them were sentenced to 3 years of forced labor.

As for the couple Shen Fulian and Chu Dayi, one of them was sent to forced labor while the other was sentenced to jail. They have two children at home with no one to take care of them. A practitioner at that time reprimanded Peng Weiping (Deputy chief of Yongchang County police department) and Li Guoyu (Division chief of political and security division), "You sentenced both husband and wife to imprisonment, who is going to take care of the two children at home? What you are doing is inhumane! You will sooner or later get karmic retribution!" The two of them did not answer him. Later Shen Fulian was sent back home.

Case 3

On May 14, 2002, the Yongchang County Police Department and Judiciary Division at the county stadium held a so-called "mass arrest meeting". They made over 30 practitioners wear banners that slandered Falun Gong. Then they announced the so-called "judgment" in front of the audience in the stadium. The police forced the practitioners to parade in the streets so that the people could see them. Just after the end of the "parade", the police secretly sentenced fourteen practitioners to forced labor. Most of the family members of the practitioners were not informed. The practitioners refused to sign on the judgment letter of the forced labor. They were sent by van to the No.1 forced labor camp in Pingantai City, Gansu Province.

Telephone numbers of Jinchang District Police Department

Jinchang City:

Telephone no of Zheng Yinsheng:

86-13909456794(Cell), 86-935-8318889(Home), 86-935-8396005(Office)

Telephone no of Liu Jianguo:

86-13909458398(Cell), 86-935-8218875(Home), 86-935-8396006(Office)

Telephone no of Zhang Yongsheng:

86-13993569598(Cell), 86-935-8211689(Home), 86-935-8396035(Office)

Yongchang County:

Telephone no of Zhu Shengnian:

86-13993565688(Cell), 86-935-7522800(Home), 86-935-7522670(Office)

Telephone no of Peng Weiping:

86-13830591370(Cell), 86-935-7521871(Home), 86-935-7522175(Office)

Telephone no of Lu Wanzhong:

86-13830553314(Cell), 86-935-7530342(Home), 86-935-7524960(Office)

Hexibao Town:

Telephone no of He Yongfu:

86-13519463026(Cell), 86-935-7523608(Home), 86-935-7321354(Office)

Telephone no of Li Feng:

86-13993592666(Cell), 86-935-7318978(Home), 86-935-7321354(Office)

Telephone no of Wang Chuanhu:

86-13993562526(Cell), 86-935-7324878(Home), 86-935-7321354(Office)