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Mr. Ma Qinghai's Life in Danger Due to Hunger Strike for More Than Fifty Days

December 24, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Qinghai from Chifeng City, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region has been on hunger strike for more than fifty days, and his life is in danger. The guards do not allow his family or lawyer visit him, and sentenced him (term unknown) without any evidence. Mr. Ma's family is appealing for him. More of his story follows:

On October 3, 2005, Mr. Ma Qinghai was arrested near Wu'an Block by Aohan Prefecture State Security Agents Gong Chuanxing and Diao Yulong (both male), etc. He has been on hunger strike ever since. Guards tied him on to the bed with ropes; his flesh is rotten near the rope area. Guards are force-feeding him six times per day, and kept the tube in his throat. Mr. Ma cannot eat any food recently, and his life is in danger.

Mr. Ma's family is very worried about his life, and they have begged State Security Agents and the Detention Center Heads, but they still do not allow anyone to visit him. State Security Division Head Gong Chuanxing threatened his family saying, "If you keep coming to appeal, we will extend his term." The guards even dragged Mr. Ma's parent (nearly 70 years old) out of the gate.

The State Security Division Head Gong Chuanxing, etc. are very rampant, and take Mr. Ma Qinghai as their focus target in the persecution; they said they have been chasing after Mr. Ma Qinghai in the past three years.

Mr. Ma Qinghai lived in the Xiajing Village, Guojiawuopu Town, Chifeng City. Both his wife and himself cultivate Falun Dafa, and have been constantly harassed. They had to leave home to avoid being arrested at home. His wife is still living outside the Town with their three year-old daughter; their twelve year-old son is being cared for by the grand-parents that are both nearly 70 years old.

Another Falun Dafa practitioner, Ms. Lu Jingyu, from Chifeng City was also arrested, and sent to a brainwashing class after being detained for more than a month.

We hereby call to rescue Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Qinghai.

Relevant Contact information:

Chifeng City, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region zip code, 024000;
Chifeng City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee, 86-476-8347412;
Deputy Secretary Zhang Guoli (male) of Chifeng City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee, 86-476-8368810;
Chifeng City Police Department Operator, 86-476-8335632;
Chifeng City State Security Division Head Gui Yuming (male) of the Police Department, 86-476-8689906, one Head's last name is Bao (gender unknown), the other Head is Jia Yi (male), 86-476-8689987.
Chifeng City CCP 610 Office (Chifeng City Legal Education Base) zip code, 024000;
86-476-8424610(Office), 86-476-8421672,86-476-8368810, or 86-476-8236710;
Chair of 610 Office Wang Jinshan (male, also City Police Department Head), 86-476-8337060(Office), 86-476-8215693(Home), 86-13327150680(Cell);
Deputy Chair of 610 Office Yang Chunyue (male, also Deputy Head of Chifeng City Police Department), 86-476-8339595(Office), 86-13904766288(Cell), 86-476-8350999(Home);
General Office Head Chen Xiaodong (male) of Chifeng City Legal Education Base, 86-476-8342922(Office), 86-476-8424610, 86-476-8421672 or 86-13948699192(Cell); another general office Head Guo Xiaoguang (male), 86-476-4321422(Office), 86-476-4331835(Home), 86-13947646288(Cell);
another General Office Head Deng (gender unknown), 86-476-8368810.
Chifeng City Police Department CCP Director, 86-476-4333573(Office);
Chifeng City Police Department Head Qin Fengshan (male), 86-476-4333630(Office), 86-476-4333406(Home), 86-13804760222(Cell);
Deputy Head Zhu Yaohua (male, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong) of Chifeng City Police Department, 86-13904760449(Cell);
State Security Division, 86-476-4332711, 86-476-4333437, 86-476-4333461;
State Security Division Head Gong Chuanxing (male), 86-476-4336189(Home), 86-13947666288(Cell);
State Security Division Deputy Head Xu Weifeng (female), 86-476-4338882(Home);
State Security Division Deputy Head Dai Fengrong (female), 86-476-4331224(Home), 86-476-4381224(Cell);
State Security Agent Diao Yulong (male), 86-476-4331357, pager, 86-126-8385493.
Aohan Prefecture Detention Center, 86-476-4333535, 86-476-4331225;
Director Zhao Chunshan (male), 86-476-4331915(Home);
Deputy Director Wang Li (male), 86-476-4339673(Home).