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Several Stories about a Five-Year-Old Practitioner

December 24, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province


I began looking after my granddaughter after she got separated from her parents. I started teaching her to study and recite the Fa from the day she started living with me. My granddaughter is five-years old this year and she can recite thirty verses of Master's articles. She studies the Fa and sends forth-righteous thoughts with me and I find her focused and devoted. Sometimes during her sleep, she mumbles and recites verses from the scriptures. Occasionally, she giggles and tosses around in a cute and loveable manner.

I often take her along when I go out to clarify the truth. My little granddaughter follows my actions with the utmost earnestness. Occasionally, while traveling in a transit vehicle, I take the opportunity to clarify the truth as well as to spread "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" to the people around us. They have no problem in accepting the materials. Once, while clarifying the truth to the passengers around me, my granddaughter, sitting beside me, fearlessly and valiantly began reciting the verses from "Hong Yin." Her simple expression and lovable childish nature provoked much laughter from the people.

One morning while dropping her off at kindergarten, she said, "Grandma, I need some attractive bookmarks." Willingly, I gave her one. She responded by saying that one was not enough and she needed more to give to her kindergarten friends. This earnest request inspired and surprised me profoundly. How come I didn't have this thought that our little kindergarten friends are also sentient beings waiting to be saved! I must not let the CCP's poisonous propaganda harm this new generation. I gave her quite a few bookmarks and urged her also to take the message that "Falun Dafa is good" to them. My granddaughter readily accepted this advice and happily went inside the school. That afternoon, after school, my granddaughter reported to me that she first gave the bookmark to her teacher. She then requested permission from her teacher to give the bookmarks to her classmates. The teacher replied that she could give the bookmarks to whomever she wanted. Happily, she gave the bookmarks to her other friends and also told them, "Falun Dafa is good." I praised her good deeds to encourage her and she went downstairs to play.

I used to carry informational materials with me all the time, using every available opportunity to clarify the truth. I live inside a two-story building. One day while on my way home with my granddaughter, I pasted a truth clarification poster on an electric meter box which is situated in between the first and second floor. The next day when my granddaughter went downstairs to play, no sooner did she open the door, when she saw someone trying to rip the poster off. I heard her screaming voice, "Don't rip it off. That's my grandma's posting." This scream had a tantalizing effect on the evil. The person actually did not touch the poster and went away. Later, I told my granddaughter that her action of not allowing the person to rip off the poster was right. However, she shouldn't have mentioned that grandma had pasted the poster. My granddaughter replied, Master said,

When you have fear,
It will interfere;
When your thoughts are righteous,
All evils disintegrate;
Cultivators are filled with the Fa.
Sending forth righteous thoughts
Will disintegrate the evils;
Living Gods in the human world
Validate the Fa

(From "Why Fearful", Hongyin II, a provisional translation subject to improvement)

The child's naive, lovable nature and pure heart taught me a lesson and left me with a feeling of shame about the deep hidden "fear" within me.

November 30, 2005