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Chief of the She County Detention Center, Hebei Province: "Throw Them into the Furnace When They Die"

December 22, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Three Dafa practitioners are currently illegally imprisoned at the She County Detention Center in Hebei Province. One of them is currently on the brink of death. The torture has severely damaged her body, and she will be facing a trial very soon. This is an urgent appeal to everyone to help save her immediately.

A severely tortured female Dafa practitioner who has suffered a hip bone dislocation and a crushed leg bone is so emaciated that her weight has dropped down to 90 pounds (100 jin) from her usual weight of 117 pounds (130 jin). After eight prison guards and two other "extra" guards monitored her for ninety days, the county public security bureau took her to a detention center for another round of torture the moment she was able to get on her feet and walk.

She has started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Yang Cong, chief of the detention center has shouted madly at her, "You asked for it, so there's no way for you to get out of here alive. I will simply throw you into the furnace when you die."

Every day, early in the morning, prison authorities check out her state, without giving her any support. On the seventh day of her hunger strike, the detention center authorities brought her to the prison physician. The Dafa practitioner was close to death. The purpose of bring the practitioner to the physician was so that the deputy chief of the detention center could immediately take propaganda-style photographs that showed the physician looking after the practitioner, in an attempt to cover up any maltreatment. The authorities have, in fact, already made a lot of preparations for the practitioner's death. They even invited photographers to take propaganda pictures with the female chief of the detention center, Li Liping, sitting in front of the practitioner pretending to be "persuading" her and asking her to eat. They present all kinds of propaganda to invite the practitioner to eat, but the truth is that they are not allowing the practitioner to eat anything, nor are they providing her with any help whatsoever.

The She County Detention Center authorities place no value on human life and have been extremely brutal in persecuting Dafa practitioners. This is an appeal to all righteous souls in the world who are reading this to show your concern towards this matter and ask for the release of all illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners!

Telephone area code: 0310
The She County Detention Center Telephone: 3832146
The chief of Detention Center: Yang Cong; Deputy chief: Li Liping, Li Jianglong
The detention center chief office: 3834144
The chief of the Detention Center: Qin Gaobao

The She County Public Security Bureau Office: 3827249

The chief of the Public Security Bureau: Zhang Haifeng
The deputy chiefs: Yang Jinping, Wang Xiuming, Liu Hongwei.
The First Section Leader of the Public Security Bureau: Hu Huaichao.
The Public Security Bureau National Protection Section: 3819101
The Judicial Section: 3833723
The Political Division: 3834356
The National Protection Big Team: 3833674

The She County Procuratorate Office: 3832149
The Office of the deputy chief of the Procuratorate: 3819793, 3836249, 3818675
The chief of the procuratorate: Li Junhui
The Procuratorate Judicial and Legal Section: 3835756
The Political Work Section: 3826250
The Prison Section: 3835101
The Public Complaints Section: 3833976
The Discipline Team leader's office: 3819988

The She County People's Courts Office: 3832103
The chief of the People's Courts: Li Bing

The People's Courts Discipline Team: 3888331
The Political Work Section: 3828470
The Cases and Records Office: 3828431

The She County Judicial Bureau Office: 3832239
The She County Discipline Council Office: 3832242
The Discipline Council's Investigation Office: 3832134
The She County Political and Judicial Council Office: 3832153
The Political and Judicial Committee's Case Management and Invigilation Section: 3828275
The She County Government Office: 3832240

December 4, 2005