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More Information on Mr. Han Zhenju's Death from Persecution in Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

December 20, 2005 |  


On the morning of April 29, 2004, Dafa practitioner Mr. Tang Zhenju was persecuted to death in Kaiping Labor Camp, in Tangshan City. When Mr. Han's family received the notice and went to Kaiping Hospital, Mr. Han had already passed away long before they arrived.

In order to shirk their responsibility, the labor camp police lied to the family and said that Mr. Han Zhenju suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away. However, when Mr. Han's family secretly checked Mr. Han Zhenju's body (the labor camp didn't allow them to inspect the corpse), they found Mr. Han's back was purple and his body was emaciated, the result of long-term physical and mental torture. Later it was verified by other practitioners who knew the true situation that Mr. Han Zhenju had suffered brutal torture many times in Kaiping Labor Camp, causing his death.

Mr. Han Zhenju had clarified the truth at Qutougou Village in Liujie Township, Yongqing County, Hebei Province and was illegally arrested after he was reported to the authorities. He was released 3 days later, but afterwards Mr. Han was again arrested and illegally detained at Wanzhuang Forced Labor Camp in Langfang City and Gaoyang Labor Camps for 2 years in total.

In December of 2003 of the lunar calendar, Mr. Han Zhenju was kidnapped and sent to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City. Mr. Han Zhenju continued clarifying the truth and also started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. After being on hunger strike for over 20 days, Mr. Han was extremely weak. Kaiping Labor Camp, led by policeman Yu Chunlei, sent Mr. Han Zhenju and one Beijing practitioner, Mr. Zhou Tong, to Gaoyang Labor Camp to be forcibly brainwashed. This action supported the authorities' so-called "Spring Thunderous Movement" of persecution.

Gaoyang Labor Camp is a notorious living hell in the human world. They even fiercely beat Mr. Han Zhenju with sticks, a 50-year-plus old senior person who had been on hunger strike for over 20 days, and after the stick was broken, they used bricks to pound Mr. Han's shoulders. Then they grabbed Mr. Han, threw him up in the air and let him come crushing down onto the ground. They threw him up in the air and let him fall onto the ground 20 times or more. The participants in this torture included Li Dayong from Gaoyang Labor Camp, etc. Mr. Han Zhenju was tortured to the verge of death but still continued with his hunger strike to protest the persecution. After over 20 days, when the labor camp police were at their wits' end, they sent Mr. Han and another practitioner, Mr. Zhou, back to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan.

This time Li Dayong and other policemen in Gaoyang Labor Camp tied up Mr. Zhou Tong with ropes to torture him. Mr. Zhou passed out, and when he regained consciousness, his shoulder blades were left with permanent scars from the ropes, a sad testimony to this "spring thunderous movement."

Shortly after Mr. Han Zhenju was sent back to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan, the police led by Xu Zhenmin started another round of forced "transformation" on Mr. Han Zhenju. In order to achieve their evil objective, they took Mr. Han Zhenju to the women's squadron and asked the transformed former practitioners there to take turns instilling their evil doctrines into Mr. Han. At the same time, one policeman and one transformed former practitioner flanked him round the clock and didn't allow Mr. Han any sleep. Such mental torment was often more brutal than the physical tortures. Under such inhuman sleep deprivation for an entire week, Mr. Han Zhenju became confused; his mind became clouded and he wrote the three statements against his will. Later Mr. Han had deep regrets when he talked to other practitioners about this. The brutal persecution this time caused severe and long lasting damage to Mr. Han Zhenju. Later, Mr. Han was assigned to perform hard labor in the No. 1 squadron.

On Chinese New Year's eve, 2004, Mr. Han Zhenju went on hunger strike together with other practitioners to protest against the persecution, and was transferred to the "education center." The so-called "education center" actually was the designated place for the police to forcibly persecute and "transform" steadfast Dafa practitioners. This center has detained and persecuted many Dafa practitioners. The practitioners who were detained together with Mr. Han Zhenju included Mr. Zhang Zhenguang. The practitioners clarified the truth to the head of the labor camp, Xu Deshan. Xu pretended to listen to them and tricked them to eat. Later, Mr. Han Zhenju was transferred to the "special management team" in the hospital (which specialized in persecuting practitioners who refused to be "transformed").

In April 2004, Dafa practitioners in the "special management team" started a hunger strike together. On April 25, Mr. Han Zhenju started the hunger strike again. On the morning of April 29, policeman Li Yi called Mr. Han Zhenju to the toilet area (in order to be out of sight), and grabbed Mr. Han's neck, suffocating him. Li didn't release his clutch until several minutes later. After Mr. Han Zhenju went back to the cell, at around 9 p.m., he suddenly developed irregular breathing. Labor camp doctor Wang Hongli came to pat Mr. Han on his back and tried to wake him up, but Mr. Han could not utter a note. They carried Mr. Han to the duty room and later sent Mr. Han to the hospital. It was revealed later by the people present on that day that Mr. Han Zhenju had already stopped breathing while on the way to the hospital.

The various brutal tortures that Kaiping Labor Camp and Gaoyang Labor Camp inflicted on Dafa practitioner Mr. Han Zhenju over a long period of time had caused severe physical and mental damage. The claim that "Mr. Han Zhenju died of natural causes" was a patent lie that the police used to deceive Mr. Han's family and other people to cover up their crimes. This scandal will remain a permanent record in history. Reflecting on this part of history is to help more people understand the truth and the evilness of this persecution, and to awaken and warn those people who participate in the persecution to stop, to lay down the butcher's knife, turn back to the shore, and choose a future for themselves.

Written November 19, 2005