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Recollecting A Dream: For Fellow Practitioners Who Have Stopped Cultivating

December 13, 2005 |  


After reading an article on Clearwisdom.net recently, I remembered a dream that I had in 2003 after I had strayed from my cultivation path. I would like to share my dream with everyone, especially with those fellow practitioners who have not yet returned to the right path. It is my sincere hope that they will grasp this most fortunate and rare opportunity to cultivate in Dafa, and quickly return to the path of Fa-rectification.

By spring 2003, because I could no longer withstand the extensive period of brutal persecution, my will collapsed and I did not want to practice anymore or do anything. At that time I was just living in the maze like everyone else.

Before long, I had a dream one evening.

In the dream, I was walking along a street, when suddenly there was the sound of thunder and the sky became densely covered with dark clouds. Thinking that it would soon rain, I began looking for shelter. Before long the sky became filled with a multitude of lightning bolts, all of which were golden yellow in color. The lightning bolts approached from far beyond the horizon and reached the ground right beside where I was. After hitting the earth, they transformed into chains made of sparkling, dazzling, golden light. Next, the clouds in the sky suddenly parted enough to reveal a huge and incomparably lofty tower and an ancient city gate.

While I was still beholding the sight in amazement, crowds of people were running out to see it. When I asked someone about it, they said, "Today is the day that Falun Dafa practitioners reach consummation after having cultivated into gods. Let's hurry and catch a glimpse of it!" While this person was still talking, many people began to levitate together. Many practitioners were effortlessly rising into the air above the ground, while other practitioners could be seen rising up from out of the prisons. During their ascent, their clothes were also gradually transformed into the clothing of gods, and each one of them was in the lotus position while levitating. When all the practitioners who had reached consummation arrived at the gate tower of the ancient city, heaven's gates opened up, and myriads of golden rays spread across the entire universe. Then the entire gate tower and the many consummated practitioners hovering around it all ascended into the heavens.

I followed the crowds, running along the ground among them. When I realized that my former fellow practitioners had indeed cultivated into gods and had risen up while I was left behind in the world with no time left for cultivation, I fell down and cried my heart out. I can still vividly recall all of my sobbing and wailing. This was the utter grief and despair of a life that would surely die crying from regret over the wasted opportunity to cultivate, a life from which the flame of any hope was now coldly extinguished.

Please, all of you who were formerly fellow practitioners of Falun Dafa - awaken and treasure this most rare opportunity that only happens once in millions of years, and quickly return to the path of cultivation! Master and fellow practitioners are all waiting for you!