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Hengyang Practitioner Nie Feiyao Recounts His Experience in Xinkaipu Labor Camp of Changsha City

December 12, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Nie Feiyao is from Hengyang City and works in Guangzhou. He was arrested twice for distributing truth clarifying materials. He was sent twice to Changsha City, Hunan Province's Xinkaipu Labor Camp for "transformation". He suffered horribly there. After his release he was mentally ill. When he was more focused and clear-minded, he managed to outline the horrific experience he faced inside the labor camp. Judging from his current condition and physical appearance, it seems likely that the labor camp injected him with drugs that damaged his nervous system. His wife found his written description of the treatment he experienced and sent it to us to expose the persecution:

"Inside the Xinkaipu Labor Camp, I suffered severe, inhuman persecution. In the beginning, they ordered collaborators to continuously force me to watch video recordings that defamed and vilified Falun Gong. Later they came in groups and in shifts to try to "transform" me with their twisted and evil logic. This continued for about two weeks. When they thought I was wavering in my determination, they intensified their methods of persecution. They forced drug addicts in the jail to assist them. At the peak, they assigned six drug addicts to guard and "transform" me. They restricted my movement and wouldn't allow me to speak. In the end, they resorted to tying me to the bed. Both my hands were tied behind my back and raised as far back as possible. My feet were also securely bound to the bed. My body was tied to the middle of the bed. I couldn't move. My mouth was gagged with dirty socks, to the point of suffocation. I was tied in this position for four days. When they finally untied me, for about a week I was unable to walk. My hands were so numb and weak that I was unable to lift my rice bowl when eating. I became mentally unhinged and forgetful.

My father came from Hengyang City to visit me. They wouldn't allow the visit. They did not even let me know he was there for fear that their evil deeds would be exposed. Their attitude changed when my wife wrote a letter to the labor camp demanding an explanation and my release. At this point they hypocritically came to comfort me, allowing me to write a letter home. They tried to get me to lie and say that things were fine so as to cover up their evil deeds.

Close to the end of my prison term, they secretly intensified the persecution. On several occasions they forced me to write a repentance statement. I don't understand why, but I suddenly became mentally disoriented. I became very absent-minded and I lost my memory. I couldn't walk by myself, I couldn't use my hands to feed myself, and I almost lost all ability to take care of myself. I suffered a mental collapse. The labor camp was afraid to assume any responsibility, so they sent more people to try to force me to write a guarantee statement. They called for local police to take me home when I was released. At that time, I was not in a clear state of mind. The persecution has led to irreparable damage and loss."

November 24, 2005