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Teacher Ms. Tan Xiufen of the Guangxi Province Tiandong Petrochemical Headquarters is Detained

November 08, 2005 |   By a Practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Tan Xiufen, is 43 years old and a teacher at the school of the Guangxi Province Tiandong Petrochemical Headquarters. At 8:30 a.m. on September 28, 2005, she was "illegally arrested." She is being detained in the Tiandong County detention center in Guangxi Province.

According to the news, many government departments were involved in this action, including the Tiandong County Police Department, the Politics and Law Committees, the 610 Office, the Heheng Township Police Department, and the Pingma Town Police Department. Together they sent 6 police cars with more than 20 officers, who rushed into the classroom and arrested Ms. Tan while she was teaching. They then forced their way into her house and office and confiscated a lot of Dafa books and truth clarifying materials including her computer and printer.

Practitioners in Baise City in Guangxi Province started to practice Falun Dafa later than those in other areas, so they stepped out later. They were less skilled at computers than others, and all these factors kept the news of their persecution hidden until now.

For example, in October 2004, when Nanning City in Guangxi Province held the Dongmeng trade fair, practitioners encountered serious persecution. A large number of practitioners were arrested, put into labor camps, and sentenced. This year during the Dongmeng trade fair, 610 officials started their secret action again; it was so confidential that the highest ranking city 610 officials and the local division of National Security did not even know about it.

Practitioners in China and overseas should help Guangxi practitioners clarify the truth and send righteous thoughts. We hope the Guangxi practitioners can study the Fa better and catch up with the Fa rectification.

Here are the involved officials and staff members phone numbers:

The Tiandong County Detention Center: 86-776-5222419

The Tiandong County Politics and Law Committee: 86-776-5222287, Secretary: Nong Liangfeng
The Tiandong County Police Department: 86-776-5221155, Chief: Rong Shitan; The Deputy Chief: Deng Zanchao, Zhao Chaozheng, Huang Longcan
The Criminal Investigation Main Division: 86-776-5221590, 86-776-5232265
The National Security Local Branch Division; 86-776-5220979, Instructor: Li Caitang; Chief of the Division: Su Chengqin
The Detention Center: 86-776-5222419, Chief: Huang Zhongxiao; Police: Su Xiutao, Su Wei, Huang Zhongmin, Huang Shangzhong, Zhou Jianping
Pingma Town Police Department: 86-776-5222230
The Heheng Township Detention Department: 86-776-5222423, Police, Zhou Wei: 86-13507762898 (Cell)
The Arrest Authorization Department, Huang Qiaozhi: 86-13907766800 (Cell), 86-776-5221738 (Home)

The supervisor at Ms. Tan Xiufen's workplace:

Assistant Supervisor in the Teacher's office, Bi Xiuron: 86-1337760859 (Cell), 86-776-2593586 (Home)

Chinese Communist Party Office, He Yuntian: 86-13517768699 (Cell), 86-776-2593796

October 28, 2005