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A Partial List of Falun Gong Practitioners Incarcerated at the Yongchuan Women's Prison in Chongqing

November 07, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Yongchuan Women's prison officials established a special bureau named the "Legal Research Office." There the Communist regime persecutes Dafa practitioners, and attempts to deceive them so they will have wrong understandings. The labor camp forces Dafa practitioners to undergo daily brainwashing, read books and magazines that slander Falun Dafa, and forces Dafa practitioners to take unknown drugs. The prison doctor said some Data practitioners had high blood pressure and forced them to take drugs three times each day until they were released.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Xiao Hongxiu, 65 years old, was from Liangping County's Qiqiao Town in Chongqing City. She was tortured to death on July 25, 2004.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Fanqing was hung up in handcuffs at the Dadukou District Detention Center. The pain was excruciating and maimed both of her hands, leaving her unable to take care of herself. She was sentenced to nine years of forced labor in spite of a prison law that states "No admission of disabled persons who cannot take care of themselves." They accepted Ms. Liu Fanqin on August 4, 2005. Ms. Liu Fanqin is unable to take care of her own daily basic needs, such as washing her face, combing her hair and eating. She has to depend on help from fellow practitioners.

The day Dafa practitioner Ms. Jin Wei entered the prison, she didn't report when she passed the entrance. She was tortured for over one week. The guards deprived her of sleep, day and night, and additionally punished her by having to stand continuously.

Ms. Yang Xiaoli was from the Southwest Normal University. The police meted out punishment by making her clean up the restroom, and squat continuously for two days and two nights without any sleep. Those assigned to "reform" her brutally beat her, threaten and verbally abused her, and then locked her in solitary confinement. The police tied her thumbs to a metal bed for over two hours. Her arms had blue and dark bruises for a long time. Her legs and feet also showed signs of swelling.

Following is a partial list of Falun Gong practitioners who had been or are still detained in the Chongqing Yongchuan Women's Prison: