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Several Stories of Counseling People on Withdrawing from the CCP

November 27, 2005 |  


One of My Relatives Finally Agrees to Withdraw from the CCP

After my spouse and I withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations, I counseled one of my relatives to withdraw as well. Although I visited him several times and I talked until my jaws ached, he did not take a stand. I encountered this difficult problem, so I worried very much about him. I had a thought in my mind: "Do not be concerned about him." After giving him a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I went home.

Although I said I did not care about him, when I sat there, I remembered that Master has told us that it is our responsibility to save all living beings. How can I not take care of him just because I met with a little difficulty? Am I not here to save people then? Do I just let him be eliminated? Where has my mercy gone as a Dafa practitioner?

One day, after I counseled one person to withdraw from the CCP, I stopped by my relative's home. Unlike the last several times when I visited him, I did not talk stiffly, but asked him with a kind and pleasant countenance, "Did you read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?" This time he did not mention that it was difficult to join the Communist Party as the reason not to withdraw from the CCP as he had the last several times, but said that he was a minor party member and it did not really matter whether he withdrew or not. I said to him,

"Why do so many people withdraw from the CCP? It is because they read the Nine Commentaries so they recognize the evil nature of the CCP. It is doomed to perish. However, all people who joined the CCP had to raise their hands to take an oath; that is, they were branded with the mark of the beast. No matter whether they be low officials, high officials, or ordinary people, if they are CCP members and do not want to eliminate the mark of the beast, Heaven will not let them off the hook. Only by withdrawing from the CCP can you guarantee your safety. In addition, you joined the CCP several decades ago, but did the CCP give you any benefits? You have worked honestly until retirement, and have diseases in your whole body. You have to spend your own money to see a doctor. The retirement pension is 400 yuan each month. Four people in your family live on this salary. The place where you live is a rotten house with only over 10 square meters of space. When you go to the bathroom, you need to walk a long way. Your elder sister was painfully persecuted by the CCP. All members in her family have already withdrawn from the CCP. What reason do you have to take any of the CCP propaganda to heart? Do you still think the Party can create a heaven on earth and let people have a good life? All these words are nonsense that deceives people. You cannot deny that a minority of people gets rich off the CCP. They live several times better than those who are well off. But these are the people who have power. Their lives are very corrupt and they suck up people's money. Just take a look at the men and women who sit on the street waiting for a job. Maybe they cannot find a job after they wait for several days. Those who lose their jobs and are left to fend for themselves are the consequence of the Chinese Communist Party misleading people over the last several decades."

When I said these things to him, my relative agreed with me. He told me, "I received a call from overseas yesterday asking everyone to withdraw from the CCP." Today he decided to withdraw from the CCP and asked me to publish his statement on the Internet for him.

Several days later, he gave me two military officers' withdrawals from the CCP. I held his hand and said, "You have done a great thing to save people."

A Senior Professor Joins the Ranks of Those Who Are Clarifying the Truth

On August 12 of this year, I went to visit a relative who lived far away and whom I hadn't seen for quite a while. He happily told me, "The community wants me to join the communist party." I was very surprised and asked why he would join. He replied: "Communist party members have more power and enjoy more privileges than non-party members!" (In China, one usually has to become a party member before he can become a government official or take an important position in state-owned enterprises.)

I clarified the truth to him. He did not declare where he stood on the issue. At that time, there was a senior professor coming to visit (I had never met him before). I also clarified the truth to him. I told him that I gained a healthy body after I practiced Falun Gong. I told him how the staged "Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident" was fabricated by Jiang Zemin's regime as an excuse to bring a false charge against and to frame Falun Gong. After I briefly told him the contents of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I said the fact that the CCP persecuted Falun Gong like this demonstrates its true nature. This triggered painful memories for the senior professor. He said that during the period of the "Great Cultural Revolution," he was persecuted and imprisoned for four years by the CCP. The long years of suffering caused his family to be broken up. After he poured out a lot of bitter memories, he immediately wrote the statement of withdrawing from the communist party.

After my relative heard a lot of reasons from the professor why one should not join the communist party, he said that he could not join this black organization.

After the senior professor withdrew from the CCP, he persuaded others to withdraw from the CCP and he thus joined the ranks of those clarifying the truth. He told his long-time friends, classmates, and old colleagues who were in important positions to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. In addition, he would go abroad to ask for justice for Falun Gong.

Strong Righteous Thoughts Can Save People

I had a good neighbor next to me in my village. I often clarified the truth to her and gave her truth-clarification material to read. She understood Dafa and Dafa practitioners and said Dafa that was good.

One day, I confidently went to her home and asked her to withdraw from the Communist League. I did not expect that she would suddenly turn hostile and say things to slander Dafa. I remained unmoved. I knew that what she said came from the dark minions and ghosts speaking through her mouth. I helped her cook and sent forth righteous thoughts at the same time to eliminate all interference from the dark minions and ghosts and the evil communist specter in another dimension. I ask Master to strengthen his disciple. I thought, "I am saving you today. No one can interfere. I must save you."

I told her about what the CCP did and some of its fabricated stories. She kept silent for a while and then she asked me to please help her withdraw from the Communist League. There was a kind of grateful expression in her eyes.

November 12, 2005