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Some Thoughts on Stepping Out of Humanness and the Evil Persecution

November 22, 2005 |   by a Falun Gong practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Stepping out of humanness is of the utmost importance to cultivators. On this point, some practitioners may think, I stepped out of humanness when I went to Beijing or spent time in jail; some may think I have done truth clarification, or distributed flyers, so I have stepped out of humanness already. Others may think that I have done this and that for Dafa; therefore I have stepped out. Some practitioners came out of the evil detention center with righteous thoughts. They believe that they have passed the "test" for consummation by denying the persecution and they publicize their experience to others with the attachments of zealotry and showing off.

I believe that in Dafa cultivation, what we should or should not do or say must be judged based on our motivation and our heart. On the meaning of stepping out of humanness, Teacher has explained this to us very clearly. My understanding: when we continuously abandon all kinds of human attachments, our xinxing improves, our thoughts become purer, and our realm elevates. As such, we are walking out of humanness one-step at a time. We are moving away from everyday people's mentality and will eventually reach personal consummation.

As a Dafa disciple, personal consummation is not our goal. In this human world, we have grander and more sacred missions. During the time the evil communist party aggressively slanders Dafa and persecutes practitioners, we are validating Dafa as well as stepping out of humanness and saving the people whose minds are polluted by the evil deception. Teacher has said that the real victims of the persecution are the sentient beings in the world. However, in this unprecedented evil persecution, some fellow practitioners always look at the persecution with a human mindset. They treat the persecution by the old forces in other dimensions as people persecuting people. Under the terror created by the evil, they do not want to march forward, nor do they have strong righteous thoughts. Some practitioners today still do not dare or lack the courage to clarify the truth. Some practitioners have even left Dafa.

The real reason, in my opinion, is failure to understand the Fa from the Fa's perspective. Some practitioners do not follow Teacher's repeated request to study the Fa more often. Some others cannot stay focused during Fa study, so Teacher's teaching does not reach their heart. Sometimes after reading the entire Zhuan Falun, their understanding has not deepened, their thoughts have not improved, and their sentimentalities, their desires and all kinds of attachments are not relinquished, even after a long time. The evil forces therefore find excuses to "test" these practitioners.

In fact, I believe that the persecution of Dafa disciples is a shame on all of us. It is the evil's attack and lack of respect for Fa rectification. However, since the persecution has taken place, we must strengthen our righteous thoughts and refuse to passively endure the persecution. We should change from being passive to being pro-active. We should expose the persecution, make up for our losses with our anti-persecution efforts, eliminate the evil, save sentient beings and validate Dafa.

We all know that our Teacher is rectifying the Universe. During the Fa rectification period, the entire colossal firmament will be reconstructed. We Dafa disciples have followed our Teacher to this human world. Using our human body as a carrier, we are realizing our grand wish to assist Teacher and save sentient beings. Our personal future lies entirely in Teacher's arrangement as part of the Fa rectification process. Teacher will arrange and provide for our future. The old forces have no right to change the future. We must completely deny the persecution they have imposed upon us for establishing so-called "mighty virtue" for us.

As Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference":

"But, the ability of Dafa disciples to validate the Fa isn't for the purpose of enduring this persecution, and even less is it for clarifying the truth among the world's people. I only asked Dafa disciples to clarify the truth because persecution has taken place and has caused this situation."

Our existence has a deeper and greater significance. We are creating a new way of life for future human beings and laying the foundation for the future to be built upon. Therefore, as Dafa disciples of the Fa rectification period, we should rectify everything that is not righteous. How could we acknowledge persecution by the lives we are supposed to rectify or the lives that we will eliminate? Some of us were tried in court like "criminals." Isn't that a shame? What do the higher beings up there think about us? What do we expect our Teacher to say? The evil old forces are doing bad things in the temporary void yet to be touched by the Fa rectifying wave.

On the other hand, as Dafa disciples, we are honored and the most fortunate of people. The lives in the entire Universe admire us as Dafa disciples. The evil old forces are extremely jealous of us when we become Dafa disciples. When some of us do not relinquish our attachments, and do not do the three things Teacher has asked us to do in a dignified and solid manner, the evil will "test" those people in persecution according to the old universe's principles. This has had a very bad effect on the Fa rectification efforts, making it harder to save sentient beings, clarify the truth and improve disciples' personal cultivation. Therefore, we must be more diligent in Dafa, abandon attachments, and deny the evil any chance to take advantage of our loopholes. We should never let Teacher shoulder our burdens for us again.

This has been my personal understanding. Please correct me if you find anything inappropriate.

November 3, 2005