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Recent Round of Persecution of Practitioners in Changde City, Hunan Province

November 14, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) After Jiang's inspection of Hunan Province in August, the authorities in Changde City intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners. They have hired some dregs of society to monitor and ambush practitioners, and have generally been interfering with Dafa practitioners' normal lives.

On October 19, practitioners Ms. Yang Li and Ms. Xu Heping were illegally arrested and taken to the 413 Geological Survey Team in Changde City. Security staff there first forcibly detained them and soon after notified the 610 Office and police department, who came and took them away.

Dafa practitioners Ms. Huang Guihua and Mr. Xu Shanqin had already been arrested in August when the 610 Office intensified their persecution. Huang Guihua is 50 years old. Her husband died long ago, leaving their son and her depending on each other for survival. Her son, Qin Shi, was in Guangzhou doing some odd jobs. After finding out about the illegal arrest of his mother, he came home twice to visit her in detention and shed a lot of tears. Seeing his mother incarcerated made him feel that his future was uncertain. It is said that he is giving up on life. Both mother and son were not at home, but policemen broke in their house without permission. They have broken the door and searched all over the house, especially the cases and chests. Although nothing "illegal" was found, they insisted that there must be a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party hidden in the house. They wanted to use this as a pretext to sentence Ms. Huang to prison for 5 years.

Huang Guihua, Xu Shanqin, Yang Li and Xu Heping are now detained in the 2nd Detention Center of Changde City.

We ask all the Dafa practitioners in Changde City to keep up their righteous thoughts and actions. Please send forth righteous thoughts at 8, 9 and 10 o'clock every evening, to clean up all kinds of evil doing great damage to Dafa in Changde, to disintegrate all the dark minions and rotten ghosts, to eradicate all the factors of the communist evil specter, and to eliminate this last interference from other dimensions.

Police Officer directly involved in the persecution:

Sun Bin from Xiaodong Police Station: 86-13007409577 (cell)

Cell phone number of Ms. Huang Guihua's son, Qin Shi: 86-13891500208